Shelters for the homeless?

Can anyone offer info on emergency shelters for a unemployed veteran with cancer. This person has been displaced and is in need of emergency shelter.

Geeey Geeey
Sep '18

Call 1-877-4AID-VET (877-424-3838). or go to...

Hope this helps... I don't personally know of any local shelters but hopefully they can point you in the right direction.

ianimal ianimal
Sep '18

I don't know the names of specific shelters locally, but can suggest the two resources to contact.

United Way of Warren County is a clearing house for any number of services that may be of help. They would be the best for information about housing. (908) 835-3550

For Veterans issues I would specifically recommend calling the American Legion. I don't know if they can arrange housing options. But they are great for Vets issues in general, particularly health care and social issues. (908) 852-9878

Warren County Division of Temporary Assistance & Social Services
1 Shotwell Drive
Belvidere, NJ 07823
Phone: (908) 475-6301

American Red Cross
Warren Chapter
115 Greenwich Street
Belvidere, NJ 07823
Phone: (908) 475-2770

American Red Cross
Phillipsburg Center
675 Corliss Avenue
Phillipsburg, NJ
Phone: (908) 454-3841

Sep '18

Here are some numbers to help you:
The Supportive Services for Veteran Families 855-483-8466
Hope for Veterans (908) 647-5717 ext.325

Warren County Housing Program (908) 475-3989
Homeless Prevention Care (908) 475-1676
Housing Assistance for Elderly& Disabled (908) 475-5703
Phillipsburg Housing Assistance Program (908) 454-5500

***Hope this information helps the veteran who graciously served our country. God Bless.

Cympathetique Cympathetique
Sep '18

You may want to contact the landlord tenant court and get help from legal services to get a show cause motion to stop the eviction - May buy a month or two.

Skippy Skippy
Sep '18

For immediate assistance you may want to call Reverend Fowler at Trinity Church.
He has many local resources

The mission church in Morristown. I know its not local but i do beleive they dont turn anyone down. They have a huge housing complex. PRAYERS AND HOPES FOR YOU.

Getting gas Getting gas
Sep '18

There are a lot of assistance options for veterans. Hoping things turn out well for him.

Possibly the Market Street Mission in Morristown, NJ

Hackresident Hackresident
Oct '18

Our family was displaced last October. My husband and I are doing the best we can. We are currently with family but it's getting very difficult. We have 2 kids with special needs. And it's difficult. We would rather be in temporary shelter than in a home with family tgat make everything difficult and have no consideration. Is there a family shelter that would take us all and not just me and my kids? Need help!

Mperez Mperez
Nov '19

Mperez, there were several phone numbers listed above to call for assistance. Try them. If your children are school age, speak to a counselor or social worker. Be kind and helpful to your family. Consider that your situation is causing a great deal of stress for them, as much as they love you. If you need to stay home with your children, your husband should have 3 jobs and be working 7 days. Not kidding. Good luck.

maja2 maja2
Nov '19

You should get a 1-bedroom apartment on the PA borderline, near exit 4 over that bridge. Living in that area is a lot cheaper than living in Morris County and Warren County, or further eastbound!

If you or your husband are working, you should have no trouble affording a small apt. in Eastern PA.

Hackresident Hackresident
Nov '19

I would try these numbers:

Bridgeway Homeless Outreach
Jeremy Weeast (Warren County) 732-540-5395

Family Promise - Warren County
908-453-2194 is the first call for help, go on-line and see what services are available

Concerned Concerned
Nov '19

Family Promise may be the best option.
God bless your family

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