Who has had or has mice and how did you get rid of them?

Bob bob Bob bob
Sep '18

Inside - i put steel wool into every hole / crevice I can find
outside - I pull all the brush / weeds away from the house and if the hole is found do the same thing with the steel wool.

I have 3 cats inside - they are no help at all


wbeleno wbeleno
Sep '18

First we put a grate over the drier vent cap outside as that is how they entered. We also put the little black boxes outside around the perimeter of the house. Littler buggers chewed up the panel in my drier.

Get the mice poison cubes and set traps.

Enjoy Enjoy
Sep '18

I've had them. Depends on where they are in the house. Under the sink? In a food pantry? In the garage? We used the old fashioned traps, plugged any holes with steel wool, and got rid of every single cardboard box in the garage. They can't chew the rounded corners of the plastic tubs. Also, used a silicone seal around the inside seams of the garage walls to keep them out.

Wbeleno, I know what you mean about the cats being no help at all, one of mine would just play with a mouse every night, it was so obnoxious!!

Think it depends on luck, but have had some with electromagnetic units. Not ultrasound, that didn't work on anything (they just avoid it); the mag units pulse through you household wires. When a mouse comes now, I do have to re-orient the units to the new location, but seems to be 90% effective or better.

My cats will also kill them all; plus any bugs, plus anything they find outside which I know because they like to bring parts in to show us. Figure we are a pretty mouse-free zone at this point. Really ruins the cat-door concept :>) Going outside is like entering a bird-b@@tch session; so much yelling at the cats. And yet, they don't like tuna fish. Go figure.

strangerdanger strangerdanger
Sep '18

A tall bucket with 4 inches of water catches alot of mice

Sep '18

First mouse of the cool season made an appearance in the house last night. Though it may have thought it was clever and lucky to get the bait off the trap without tripping it, “someone” took care of it overnight/this morning. Could have been the cat, dog or puppy...we have good mousers;)

Blackcat Blackcat
Sep '18

mine 3 will watch the mouse run under the shelf
keep watching THAT spot
and the mouse will run out the other side!

love them dearly.......

wbeleno wbeleno
Sep '18

Everyone has mice unless you set traps. The 5 gallon bucket trap (google it) is awesome. It kills mice and doesnt need to be reset every time. Snap traps are good too. I have 20 in my attic. But once I plugged all my holes in the house, I only catch 2 or 3 a year.

Dont use bait/poison inside your house. After the mice eat it, they go somewhere else in your house and die there. Not good.

not sack
Sep '18

Old fashion wood and metal SNAP trap.........for us they worked the best....We had 4 cats and would rarely find one they caught.

One morning around 4, it was still quite dark in the house, our cat Lumi came upstairs from the basement and looked like she had cob webs around her wiskers. Sooooo I rubbed her face to try and get them off her and what it was was a LIVE little mouse! Came right out of her mouth into my hand. I darn near died. I'm not "afraid" of mice, but being half asleep and grabbing one in my hand is NOT the most favorite thing I like to do........ :)

I DO NOT recommend that way of mouse removal. ;)

littlelu littlelu
Sep '18

we humanely used peppermint oil and steel wool with caulk once we found the hole they were using to come into the house. Dillute the peppermint oil, its very strong

Pumpkin43 Pumpkin43
Sep '18

Oh, I just remembered, we also laid very heavily scented dryer sheets (Gain) in various spots on the garage floor; under the car, in the corners, by the doorways. I can't verify it works because we have heavily sealed the seams and got rid of the cardboard, but I've read it does deter them.

The cat stories are hilarious!

What can a mouse fit through


Dodgebaal Dodgebaal
Sep '18

husband found what looks to be a baby copperhead snake in the garage this weekend. Looked at the http://www.conservewildlifenj.org/species/fieldguide/view/Agkistrodon%20contortrix%20mokasen/ for clarification. They must have some parents looking for mice in the garage.

just coach just coach
Sep '18

Young eastern milk snakes look similar to copperheads, just coach. Just wanted to point that out because we thought the same thing and it wnded up being an eatern milk.

Now, how do I get rid of this chipmunk in my garage??

3wbdwnj 3wbdwnj
Sep '18

I've used have a heart traps to get rid of chipmunks. No bait needed. They are not so smart and just go in there for some reason.

not sack
Sep '18

Just coach... baby snakes do not stay with their parents. They are fully independent when they hatch.

Jesse132 Jesse132
Sep '18

chipmunks looooooooooooooooooooove strawberries. put a whole bowl of them (cut) out beyond the garage, then QUICK... shut the door. haaa

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