Restaurant for 50th bday

Looking to bring a group of 10-12 to a restaurant for a 50th bday celebration. Looking for a buffet ot prefix menu. Any suggestions?

Enzo's Pasta Grill, Mansfield.

Tim the Tool Man
September 13th

Depending on budget and tastes in food, either a private catered party at Stella G's or rodizio at Churrascaria Paladar.

Mama’s is always great for larger get togethers!

September 13th


Mattar's - they have a private room downstairs.

La Strada on Rt 10 does a good pre-fixed menu.

Casa Bella in Denville does a prix fixed menu for 15/more

JrzyGirl88 JrzyGirl88
September 13th

Black Forest Inn in Stanhope also does a prix fixed menu, but it is certain days, certain times, so that might not be good for you but you never know what you can work out with them.

JrzyGirl88 JrzyGirl88
September 13th

Great ideas! Thanks! Anyone know of a restaurant closer to hunterdon county? We have people traveling from south jersey and we may decide to go a little south.

Black Forest Inn not only has fixed price but buffets at times. Great place and great food. I almost mentioned them myself. Another very good local option.

I don't know of many places that are going to do a buffet-style dinner for a party of 10-12 people, unless you're talking about a buffet-style restaurant like Golden Corral.

If you want to go to Hunterdon County, Ship Inn in Milford will let you set your own menu, choosing 4 or 5 of their entrees to allow your guests to choose from. But with as small a party as you're talking about, you may be better off ordering ala carte.

Try The Willows in Asbury.

Summerrain Summerrain
September 13th

Maybe focusing on Basking Ridge might be more convenient to S. Jersey and not too bad for H-towners.

Old Mill Grain House for example.

strangerdanger strangerdanger
September 13th

I would do a Habachi joint. Always lots of fun.

Yes, hibachi is great for b-days. MIL is turning 80 next month, and that's what we are doing.

Thank you all for the wonderful suggestions!

Speaking of Hunterdon County.....Chimney Rock Inn with the brand new location down in Flemington should be open soon if not already.

They've been open for a week and a half... haven't gotten there for lunch yet.

Their location in Bound Brook does not have that great of reviews. Too bad as the menu looks pretty good.

Luca - Yes, I saw that too. Went on Yelp to look it up. New location has only a few reviews, all good. But the other two locations rate mediocre.

Riley and Jakes- Rt 31- can sit on the patio if nice outside- we love it there! + they take coupons as well!

Adair Moore Sattely Adair Moore Sattely
September 14th

Mamas We had two parties there and the food was delicious and the prices reasonable.

Friendly’s offers a variety of tasty choices at an affordable price.

I can understand the lure of Hibachi --- nice to have longer meal, more discussion, more fun.

More expensive but rodizio at Churrascaria Paladar or Shabu, Shabu,at Finefujiyama across from Shoprite offer Brazilian and Japanese grill and hot pot alternatives to Hibachi.... Certainly longer meals.

strangerdanger strangerdanger
September 16th

Had two family parties at tap house they do a awesome job !!!!!!!!!

Celebrated my 50th along with over 40 guests at The Sports Scene on Route 31 in Washington, adjacent to the Oakwood Lanes Bowling Alley. We had the whole upstairs level sealed off to ourselves and had a great time, while sports were going on on several television sets … we started planning it two months in advance and they worked well with us on making it just what we wanted, the staff made it a great event :-D

Andy Loigu Andy Loigu
September 16th

"We had the whole upstairs level sealed off to ourselves"

There is an upstairs at Sports Scene?

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