Found Black pot bellied pig

Found Black pot bellied pig

Has anyone lost a small black pot bellie pig on Airport Rd? He was crossing the road. Checked with Donaldson’s not theirs.

Concernedanimallover Concernedanimallover
September 12th

That's the pig that was lost when the goats and sheep escaped the Auction House in Hackettstown (thanks to "Fred)...... Contact the H. Police or someone hopefully will capture him.

Hackresident Hackresident
September 12th

Call some Animal Rescue group, certainly not the police. That poor pig will only end up going to slaughter if you return it.

Lonesome Dove Lonesome Dove
September 12th

Hackresident - There were no pigs that escaped from the auction, just sheep and goats. This is most likely someone's pet. Animal control should be contacted, not the police.

The goats and sheep escaped on August 9th. A piglet escaped on August 21st.

That auction house has the worst security this side of the Hazzard County jail...

The pig has found its owner. He did escape from the auction 2 weeks ago. At least he wasn’t hit by a car!!

Concernedanimallover Concernedanimallover
September 12th

Oops, I must have missed the August 21st article. So many escapes lately.

I believe the owner may live at Alexandria Apts. He is a therapy service pet
Will contact Animal control

rose - As per Concernedanimallover's post, the pig escaped from the auction and is back with it's owner.

Calico696: If you read the Hackettstown Police Facebook site, which was also published on the "Fred the Goat" thread, they mentioned that a remaining animal, a pig, escaped, and asked us to name him/her!

Guess you missed that. There was a link to the FB site of H. Police Dept. on the "Fred the Goat" thread.......

Hackresident Hackresident
September 12th

so happy about that, missed the post, thank you Calico

wonder if the pig was returned to the Auction.....don't want to think about it!

Fred was special.....we've only seen Hackettstown's piglet in the one photo: A one-day sighting, not 10 months! Wonder if he hung with the deer too ;-)

Hackresident Hackresident
September 12th

Hackresident - My post above says that I missed that article.

You're welcome rose.

What do you mean "The pig has found its owner"? Was it the escaped pig or a therapy pig? I'm confused.

Lonesome Dove Lonesome Dove
September 12th

Escaped pig.

Please animal lovers NEVER NEVER NEVER return an animal to the auction house. Don’t even call the police. If the animal is from the auction once it is returned it will be slaughtered. Any animal sold at auction is sold for meat. If it escaped than it deserves to be taken to a sanctuary. Contact me at I will help.

Julie, I believe keeping something of value that you know does not belong to you is called stealing.

Music gal --
Finding something is not stealing.

happiest girl
September 13th

Sanctuary Life 100%. is the pig back w/ it's owner at the Auction by any chance, or is it a pet?

Hackresident Hackresident
September 13th

Depending upon how something was found it may still be stealing.

Finding something isn’t stealing, keeping it is.

Where exactly is it....I will pick him up. Do not and I mean do not call auction

For Pete's sake people, animals that are brought to the auction are the property of the farmer who raised them. If they get loose, they should be returned to the farmer. The same as a dog that gets free should be returned to it's owner.

Finding something knowing the owner is looking for it and not returning it is wrong and akin to stealing.

In this case just because the pig may go to auction does not justify keeping it or taking it to a sanctuary or wherever knowing it belongs to someone else who is looking for it..

People need to realize that some animals are raised as a food source and that process may not have a feel good appeal to everyone. That's called life. Everything in the world is not all happy thoughts and hummus. Sure the little piglet is cute. It is also a commodity that someone raised as income.

aww poor thing.

Waldo's mom Waldo's mom
September 13th

Greg - Please stop being so sensible. ;-)

We should add a subtitle onto the M&M city welcome signs that says: Welcome to Hackettstown: Sanctuary City for Undocumented/Escaped Farm Animals.
People will come visit to drink great craft beer and look for escapees!

LOL Hipster.

Hackresident Hackresident
September 13th

Happy thoughts and hummus... Best line ever.

Re: Found Black pot bellied pig

This is the pig that escaped the pot belly is someone's pet.....plz never return any thing to auction they will kill it and laugh about like they did with Fred

Do you have proof they actually laughed? Do you even have proof the goat was slaughtered?

Vicki - Where are you getting your information? If you look at yesterday's posts, you will see that Concernedanimallover (the OP) stated this pig was from the auction and not a pet.

Regarding the auction, they do not kill animals there. They simply sell them to slaughter houses. This Fred business is out of control IMO.

There is someone with a therapy pig in the same area. Im hoping it works out for all animals concerned

Ok so there’s a lot going on with animals in town lately. There was pig loose from the auction house. As far as I know it’s still loose. The pig in this thread is another pig that is someone’s pet and that one has been found and returned to the owner.

Geez Louise!!!!!

Thanks for clearing this up Jim.

lol Calico add this to the list of things I did not think I was going to have to deal with as council LOL

Kind of reminds me of classic “Mayberry” and their goings on.
Very funnny when you see a councilman writing about pigs in a hometown forum.
But someone had to do It and you did it well, Jim L!

Spring fever Spring fever
September 13th

If Fred the Goat had eaten a box of dynamite Hackettstown would totally be a modern day Mayberry .

I just can't believe this thread. 37 posts and not one single reference to the why did the pig cross the road line as noted in the first post in the thread. LOL!

C'mon people we need humor in life!

Here's a few:
- If a pig is sold to the pawn shop is it then called a ham-hock?

- If you pushed a pig down a hill would he be a sausage roll?

- Why do we call them guinea pigs when they are neither from
Guinea nor are they pigs?

- Why is it that the first thing we try to do after killing a pig
is to cure it?

- Would a small pig be called a hamlet?

We’re not allowed to have fun... some fragile souls might accuse us of bullying or being overly insensitive.

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