Gymnastic Classes

I'm looking for a gymnastic class in Hackettstown for a 5 year old girl, who has some experience in gymnastics.

Thank you

Aug '18

Riverside Kids Gym

Veronica Veronica
Aug '18

My son will be 2 in January and he is just all about climbing, jumping, and balancing on everything right now. Are there any gymnastics classes or anything anyone would recommend in the area? Thanks so much!

I believe Riverside Kids has class for kids as young as 2. Everyone I know who has enrolled their children there has loved it.

Htown Resident Htown Resident
Oct '19

Try CS Gymnastics or Northern Elite, they are very good!!! I tried Riverside Kids with two of my children and it was like glorified overpriced babysitting, more of a free for all, no skills relating to gymnastics were taught, if your looking for just running around its fine but my daughters wanted to really learn. Not sure how Giant in Hackettstown is.

Momof6 Momof6
Oct '19

Stay away from Giant. My kid went for two years and they didn’t even manage to teach her how to do a cartwheel.

Jesse132 Jesse132
Oct '19

Do you have to be a member of riverside gym to go for kids? Super bummed that their toddler time is only during the week during work hours.

To each their own Jesse.

My daughter started a rec gymnastics class in December of 2018 and advanced tremendously at Giant, and now she is competing!

The teachers and coaches my daughter has worked with are excellent.

The Little Gym in Roxbury.

JrzyGirl88 JrzyGirl88
Oct '19

What I've learned of giant is if your kid has natural talent they will then devote a lot of attention to them. If they are there trying out something new they think they might like and may not have what it takes to compete they will be brushed aside and not given the extra time to get them there. So it can be good or bad depending.

Yesimpc Yesimpc
Oct '19

Anom - they used to have the Tot class on Saturdays too. Is it only during the week now?

Htown Resident Htown Resident
Oct '19

We tried Giant several times over the years. Not a place to go for recreational gymnastics. Don’t care unless your kid is lined up for competition $$. Elite will accept anyone and your $$$$, but my daughter kept telling me the instructors were on their phones or complaining about other staff members each lesson.

GM mom of 2
Oct '19

Unfortunately I wasted 6 years in Giant gymnastic my kid was on a competition level,
Don’t go there
I wish someone had tell me, I found it how bad they teach when other schools were getting 1st 2nd third places and we got maybe 6-10 I took my child to the school where all the amazing gymnast were (Wayne)but is to far away, in few private classes my daughter did great!
I move her out of GG now I am at Flanders learning back handspring, don’t you think that after 6 years and thousands of dollars she should know that already ?
She is Not competing anymore she choose to fallow her dreams a Ballerina she is 8 yeas old learning point with an amazing teacher!

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