Gas Attendants Smoking 20 feet from pumps

Where in Hackettstown can I get my car filled with gas without having to worry about blowing up? Today the station across from Riverstar Diner had a guy smoking 10 feet from my car while he was filling it up.
Are there any gas stations in Hackettstown where the attendants do not smoke?

Older Mom Older Mom
Aug '18

corner of Valentine and too!

GAroth GAroth
Aug '18

I'm not sure how far away the attendant was as you state both 10 and 20 feet away. I will say either way it is not recommended to smoke at all near a gas pump! LOL However 20 feet away is fairly far away.

It is prohibited however, according to the Retail Gasoline Dispensing Safety Act.

"12:196-1.8 Sources of ignition

(a) No smoking or open flames shall be permitted in the areas used for fueling, servicing fuel systems for internal combustion engines, or receiving or dispensing of Class I liquids."

See the entire law:


If you feel it is a chronic situation or you truly feel it is a safety concern, I would make a phone call to the station first then perhaps the proper authorities if needed.

I recommend going up 517 to quick check at the corner of bilby road. Sure the parking lot sucks and it could have been designed a little better, but never any issues of getting gas.

htownguy12 htownguy12
Aug '18

Drive to PA snd pump your own

Aug '18

Next time, just take good photos of it. Send them to the local prosecutor, fire department, and police department, as well as the corporate headquarters of the gas company.

JerseyWolf JerseyWolf
Aug '18

I noticed that station is no longer Citgo. It is now a BP station.

I went to that same station about 3 weeks ago- sat in a very long line with no attendant visible for at least 15 minutes, then drove away.

Heard they have not so good gas as well, try to avoid going there.

Oh for Pete's sake! 10-20 feet away? Holy hell, might as well be a mile. SMH

Calico696 Calico696
Aug '18

They have by far the best price on 'Top Tier' premium fuel anywhere, and no extra charge for credit card purchases. It's worth the risk lol

Aug '18

This is one of those things that just don't happen. Like shutting off your car when you get gas. Its all silly. Be Thankful you dont have real problems

thaimaster1978 thaimaster1978
Aug '18

Was that what your tape measure read?

I bet you carry a thermometer around with you to check food temperatures at restaurants, too.

Seriously, get a grip. The pump is not going to explode. If it was, we wouldn’t be able to drive up to or away from the pumps with our engines running.

I Ride FXD I Ride FXD
Aug '18

20 feet away is actually a fairly safe distance. Illegal? Probably.

Aug '18

Thanks for the recommendations.
I'll try 517 quickchek.

Older Mom Older Mom
Aug '18

That quick check is great for 10c more to the gallon. The guy who suggested the place on main, is right, better service. The one on 57 always had kinks.

Yesimpc Yesimpc
Aug '18

Sure, you can put a cigarette out in a pool of gas. But I wouldn't try it.

Mythbusters even did the "shoot the gas tank and watch it blow" and, of course, nothing blew. They had to completely go way overboard to finally get an explosion. But I wouldn't try it.

I would say 20 feet is about my limit before I go Mel Gibson twitchy crazy so I'm with OMom on this one.

strangerdanger strangerdanger
Aug '18

do not , I repeat do not go to that gas station!!! my husband debit card info stolen.
bank verified that it was stolen from there. beware my neighbors. quick check is the best bet .

Aug '18

Problem is with the lighter, a lighter will ignite gas.

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