Roofing Company Recommendations

I already checked to see recommendations but all I got was from 2011. I want a professional who will follow through with the job. Our roof is leaking into our attic-the previous roofer came & patched up several spots but apparently did not get to the source. He will now not return my calls. I want someone who ONLY does roofs-when I checked Angie's list, most of those listed were gutter companies that also put on roofs.

Brenda Brenda
Jul '18

George Keller and Sons

3wbdwnj 3wbdwnj
Jul '18

Green Valley, call Steve

steven steven
Jul '18

Matute Roofing 973 618 6489. No BS and they do a fantastic job.

Jul '18

Jeff Alte Jr Roofing.
They are local 908-850-8558 and they signs are all over. They've been in the area 20 years. They did our roof 10 years ago did a fantastic job and no leaks ever!

skinster skinster
Jul '18

Al's Roofing and Siding. They did our roof at a good price. Quality job.

Mr. Resident Mr. Resident
Jul '18

Give Art at Dalmas Construction a call. His price was the best around and his crew does a great job. I had my house done in May and he did such a good job, he winded up doing my Mom's house as well.

This is his contact info:

Art Dalmas
(908) 537-6934

infiniti2510 infiniti2510
Jul '18

George Keller, very helpful explaining everything, price very fair compared to several estimates we got, excellent work.

hktownie hktownie
Jul '18

RJW contracting in Lake Hopatcong. They do a great job for a good price. They did my roof, windows and siding. Amazing work

Thomas A Early Thomas A Early
Jul '18

Roff Roofing in Hackettstown. 908-914-1200. They came right away to give an estimate, then installed a new roof with top quality materials and workmanship. Clean up left our yard and deck cleaner than when they started. They were polite, friendly and showed up on time.

Pamela Pamela
Jul '18

Another recommendation for Jeff Alte. Local guy, family business and reliable. They did our roof, the garage roof and some minor repairs after a storm. They call back promptly and they gave us accurate estimates of both time and cost.

Agust Agust
Jul '18

Roff Roofing - we had damage to our roof and leaking, John came right away and gave us a very good price on Friday, on Monday he and his son and crew came, redid our roof with better shingles, all done in one day, cleaned up the ground surrounding the area all in one day - did a Fantastic job!!!! Would highly recommend.
Also recommend Farmers Ins - Allamuchy, this damage was from a storm and they could not get an agent out to inspect quickly, I said we have a roofing repair company coming on Monday - I need the roof fixed, can't wait for an agent. Farmers said to take pictures which we did and I was afraid they would not pay but the agent came on Wednesday and I am happy to report that they gave us a very good check to cover it.

Buckeye fan Buckeye fan
Jul '18

As long as you were not looking for a completely new roof Buckeye fan the insurance companies are reasonable when you have good photos to support your claim. I have seen instances where someone replaces a roof and then someone tells them to submit a claim, usually gets denied. Insurance is for unpredictable events such as a windstorm blowing a few shingles off (may not be enough for deductible) or more damage from a tree falling on a roof, not normal wear and tear...

Alte, Keller, both great.

strangerdanger strangerdanger
Jul '18

When attempting to book an estimate with Jeff Alte, the receptionist wanted to make the appointment based on my husband’s availability, not mine, so he could meet with the salesman and talk about supposed manly construction things a chick wouldn’t understand. Of course they’d let me pick the slate color though... Eyerolll.

Jul '18

Some advice. Stay away from Roff Roofing.

pampurr pampurr
Jul '18

Anyone have experience with O'Leary Construction based out of the Stroudsburg PA/Blairstown NJ area?? "GAF Master Elite" roofer.

Looking for a new roof install and so far reviews looks favorable from up in those areas. Looks as if they don't do much work here in central Warren county. Any feedback appreciated.

Lenny Rock Lenny Rock
Nov '18

Another recommendation for Jeff Alte, very professional, excellent work, attention to detail. They took almost three days on my roof, other contractors doing my neighbors did it in under a day. IMHO, do it right, hopefully it's the last time you'll need to do it

Eli Manning Eli Manning
Nov '18

pampurr - curious to hear why? We wanted them to come give us an estimate and they never showed up. Guess they don't need the business

Hackettstown Hackettstown
Nov '18

I used Oleary 3 yrs ago. Good experience, great job.

Indie Indie
Nov '18

Both he and his son did roof repairs on our house and my brother in laws house in Hackettstown . They did not fix the problem on both houses. The roofs were still leaking badly.

Subsequently we have contacted Keller and son to replace both roofs.Great pricing, very professional.

Pampurr Pampurr
Nov '18

Chuck Jiullianno out of Chester the best

Awesome Awesome
Nov '18

Al’s roofing right in hackettstown

We were recommended by friends and him and his staff did a quality job on our roof for a great price. Never heard of any complaints with them...

Nov '18


That would be even more insulting if your husband's education and career was decidedly non-technical in nature, but is stupid beyond words to begin with. I can see why you didn't choose them.

I also agree that Matute Roofing is a great choice, though I didn't know they came out this far. My Dad just had his roof done by them about 6 months ago and with the various estimates he got and choices of material and warranty, they offered what seemed to be the best deal of all. It was. They came to their house in Parsippany and had the old shingles stripped off and the new roof installed. They also noted that some guttering needed to be replaced and did an awesome job on that too. Everything was done in one day to a decently-sized house and its attached 2 car garage.

In fact, when my Dad and I were watching a crew for a bit that was putting a new roof on a house about 5 doors up from his about 2 months ago, another neighbor from around the corner stopped and was watching with us. We talked for a bit and he was convinced by my Dad that Matute Roofing was the way to go as well. His roof is now done and he was definitely pleased with the job itself and the professionalism and neatness of the crew itself.

Phil D. Phil D.
Nov '18

Roff Roofing when they went to both houses saw that both roofs were done incorrectly. They tried there best to stop the leaks on multiple occassions. Homeowners were told to REPLACE roof but homeowners did not want to hear it. Customer tarped there roof for months. So, like Roff Roofing said, the roof needed to be replaced. Months later the homeowner finally replaced it.

Brenda Roff Brenda Roff
January 20th

PhilD, apologies for not seeing your reply until now. Glad you are able to second my recommendation for the forum! Matute was top notch and several family members have used them since we had our roof replaced.

Oh yes... and as for that other roofer’s marketing tactics: They really should get with the times!

January 20th

I can vouch for the customer service of Roff Roofing. We had a roofing emergency and were scrambling to find a company who could help. They called us back promptly and appreciate their customer service.

Keller and sons from Flanders. They are a bit more expensive (at least they were for my roof) but, as with most things, you get what you pay for.

4 weeks ago

We used George Keller on our last house, best price we could find and did a nice job

This may sound strange, but give Home Depot a call. We got a quote and it wasnt the lowest, but I liked the quality they offered and we could put it on our HD card. Especially check the ridge vent......head and shoulders above anything else that we looked at. And they cant just "disappear" like so many others. your homework. Understand what your buying!!!

Another vote for Keller as well. Roff couldn't return calls and Alte sent a kid with high pressure sales and also the highest price for GAF materials.

Been in the market for a new roof. Have gotten 5 estimates. What Don said...Alte was also the highest price out of my 5 quotes. He apparently wants to use exclusively top of the line GAF *ULTRA* HD $hingle$ and his sales kid associate would not budge on price for me wanting to go with the regular GAF HD shingle all the other roofers quoted to use. Having done my homework, "GAF Master Elite Roofer" O'Leary will be getting my business in the coming months once the weather warms. In all fairness Jeff Alte is also certified "GAF Master Elite Roofer" but his prices these days are literally through the roof!

Lenny Rock Lenny Rock
4 weeks ago

Any information on..... four j's contracting & roofing

Any comments for Liberty Roofing was Rocky Roofing years back

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