Scrap Metal Yards

Anyone know of any scrap metal yards in this area that take copper. Can't seem to find one closer then Newark area. Thanks for any help.

marjon marjon
July 11th

On 519 in White Twp. behind S&L.

Calico696 Calico696
July 11th

Rockaway Recycling - was just there today. They give you money for things other places don't. Upgraded the price they paid for some circuit boards after they took the time to look over it.

Raimo recycling in Byram

Robbbb Robbbb
July 11th

If you have things to sort (copper, wire, batteries, computers, lead, etc.) then Rockaway Recycling for sure.

Drive up, load things into various plastic bins on a dolly, and they'll weigh them and tally up a total. Bring a receipt to their ATM (right next to their scales) and it spits out your cash.

If you just have (a lot of) steel or a scrap car then Raimo may be the better option. There's also a place in Dover that will take scrap steel.

Mark Mc. Mark Mc.
July 11th

George's in Newton is great...I've found that he generally pays out a bit better than other local scrapyards...

Localchef Localchef
July 11th

How about Kucharski's Salvage Yard
60 Ryan Road
Hackettstown, NJ 07840
(908) 852-3175

TheSoundGuy TheSoundGuy
July 11th

Been scrapping copper for 12 years now, Georges Salvage in Newton or Rockaway Recycling. Only two places to go.

EricF29 EricF29
July 11th

Thanks for all the Suggestions!!

marjon marjon
July 12th

Go TO NEWTON !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I will third George's Salvage in Newton. Prices are always better!

townie370 townie370
July 19th

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