Main Street spicket Gardens

Main Street spicket Gardens

Just about in full bloom folks!!!Enjoy!!!

Shaddog Shaddog
Jul '18

Just beautiful. Keep up good work. Town is looking good.

Marilyn Marilyn
Jul '18

Very nice job again this year Mr. L

matthew matthew
Jul '18

Thank you, Shaddog for all you do for our town. Your garden always looks so beautiful..Especially love the Sunflowers...

joyful joyful
Jul '18

On one hand, I not only enjoy these but drive down Main just to see them (good news for Washington Street owners).

On the other hand, they make my hanging planters look like...….

Great job!!! Love it.

strangerdanger strangerdanger
Jul '18

Beautiful flowers, Thanks for all the hard work. Hope some others on Main pick up on your idea and do the same in any little bit of soil they can find. It makes the whole town beautiful. Love it.

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