Methodist Church Lord's Pantry

My relative had her husband pass away recently, so we went to the Methodist Church For assistance with some food. Can't believe how long the line was, and how different people are today. Years ago my grandmother needed assistance, and there were four people on line. They where temporarily very poor, and embarrassed to be there, but as church members, they were told to come.
When we went last month, the line was huge, and while waiting in this line, there were people smoking cigarettes and discussing the best places to get their manicures and pedicures!!!!
If you can afford to buy cigarettes and get manicures and pedicures, why the hell can't you buy your own damn food!
The system is being abused.
So how do we stop it?

Older Mom Older Mom
6 days ago judgemental...perhaps you can screen the people and tell the ones you determine that don't need help to get lost

No, can afford cigs? Stop the cigs first. Of course we have takers...

Does your relative have a car? A tv? A cell phone? Does she get her hair cut or do it herself?

If yes to any, well, she should buy her own....well, you know the rest.

DonaldTrump DonaldTrump
6 days ago

Go and talk to the church. Posting on a public forum does very little.

These are probably the same scums who work the systems of Section 8, Disability insurance benefits, food stamps and whatever else is availabl, yet they have the money to smoke and drink liquor and party hardy and the best cell phones, tvs and cars, etc.!

Hackresident Hackresident
6 days ago

...the same scum...

Can you elaborate?

EuphoriaMourning EuphoriaMourning
6 days ago

The church allows smoking? Sounds less than credible to me.

EuphoriaMourning EuphoriaMourning
6 days ago

I donate food and personal products to the pantry on a regular basis. I’ve been there while people were waiting to get their food. I find the smoking scenario a bit odd since you pretty much can’t smoke indoors anywhere, other than your own house. Just wondering if you’ve called Reverend Fowler with the specifics of your experience. The only thing I find funny is that whenever my husband drops off food ( he’s a minority), they usually tell him he has to fill out a form until he tells them he’s donating food, not getting food. Perfect example of the assumptions we make about people.

Ur right Bessie, my mother died and i dropped off beatiful clothing all over warren county. For free. I mean lord & taylor suits and shoes. Nobody is grateful. Maybe should have sold everything!. But i wanted others to use them. I didnt CARE who they were as long as they got use.

Curious Curious
6 days ago

There is a fundamental difference between convenience, true necessity and blatant misuse.

People need to get off the entitlement teat and get busy being productive and truly self sufficient.

It's all about self respect and respect for others.

I’m just grateful I’ve never had to use the pantry’s services but am happy to help fill their shelves. For the few that take advantage, If you’re scamming the pantry, and can live with yourself, that’s on you. For the ones that it helps, I’m glad you have a place to go. I’m not here to judge anyone’s need. I’ll never become that person that thinks the whole world is out to take advantage of people’s goodness, but that’s just me.

Curious, i believe that more people are grateful than not. Don’t let the ungrateful drag you down. It’s too easy to get pulled into all the negativity these days, i stay away from it.

... not the whole world, but IMHO took many...

There are times when people temporarily need help. That's what the Lord's pantry is supposed to be for.
It seems that some people are now stocking their shelves with the churches Dry Goods, and moving on to shop for steak and lobsters at Shoprite with their food stamps.
(Yes, cashiers at Shoprite say it is so.)
And as far as the smoking goes? Yes, that is happening. If you are skeptical, stop by and take a gander.
I don't like seeing our safety net being abused.
Please visit the line yourself before you donate to the Lord's pantry again.

Older Mom Older Mom
6 days ago

I wouldn't change a thing about all the things donated. I would only hope that 1 women found the strenght and wardrobe to be herself to move on. That would b special. I have to say i am in a very seriouse career. Im very lucky. But many are not. So if women out there have working attire they dont use please donate. These women are more concerned about having the proper wardrobe instead of being embarrassed. Lets help out if we can........

Curious Curious
6 days ago

Since you all are seeing this when you stop by. Say something. Easy as that.

Yesimpc Yesimpc
6 days ago

First off its illegal to buy alchol and or tabacco products with stamps. Even all kinds of cleaning products. Including personal hygiene. So maybe someone should look at the stores that do that.

Curious Curious
6 days ago

Yesimpc, who that donates stand on a line to get food and other necessities. Some people are very in need to feed there family. I mean in desperation. C'mon give it a break. There are people in this world who take advantage of every aveue. But the ones who need suffer ur ridicule.

Curious Curious
6 days ago

"Please visit the line yourself before you donate to the Lord's pantry again."

I'm sure people in line were judging your "relative" the same way. But good; if the Lord's pantry and all the soup kitchens and pantries go under, your "relative" will have to - GASP - work for her own food. Perish the thought!

As for that "get free food from the food pantry so you can buy lobster and steak from Shoprite with food stamps" info, you sure seem to know quite a lot about it. Hmmmm.

EuphoriaMourning EuphoriaMourning
6 days ago

As I recall, when I took the Sunday School kids to the pantry years ago, people were allowed to take a list of items, doubtful they're stocking their shelves.. Older mom, I honestly think you should go to the church office, talk to Reverend Fowler with your concerns and not use this forum as a place to bash the people that need this resource in town. I have a few bags of things to the pantry this week. Since I'm going there anyway, I will print out your concerns and hand them in to the person that runs the pantry and drop a copy of this off in the office.

There will always and forever be people who take advantage of the goodness of others. It happens after natural disasters. It happens after tragedies. It happens because not everyone has the empathy needed to put themselves in the shoes of someone truly in need of help.

Having said that, I will not be deterred from donating to food pantries, thrift stores in the area, offerings for people down on their luck, activities for those who suffer from illness, injury, abuse, or other trauma. Because I know that the vast majority of those who take advantage of charitable outreach ARE in need, and have had to humble themselves to even accept assistance.

Please don't judge, and please don't be discouraged by what might be a few unethical people.

summerrain1 summerrain1
6 days ago

The Methodist Church Lord's Pantry is a wonderful establishment, we are lucky to have a very active Church who is there to help anyone in need, I have donated some food in the past along used items to there Thrift Shop, Im thankful im not in a situation where in need to use them at this time, so Thank You Thrinty Church for everything you have done for the community

easy going guy
5 days ago

Older Mom, I'm with you! I'm sick and tired of these low life scumbags. That food should be going to people who CAN'T afford manicures, cigarettes, etc. I would call Dr. Fowler and talk to him.

I've toured the Lord's Pantry when I joined Trinity UMC and the process of how food is given to those in need was clearly explained to us. It is not a free-for-all. People who need food are given a certain amount based on number of family members and they can only go X number of times throughout the year.

This is a wonderful mission effort to help those in the community. Not everyone qualifies for food stamps because they may earn too much (but not enough to cover rent, food, medicines, utilities, and so forth). The Lord's Pantry exists to help those people who are in a bind and need the help to get through and it is based on the teachings of Jesus.

Do people take advantage of systems? Sure they do. But it's not as if every recipient does.

By the way, nicotine is highly addictive. Clinical studies have shown it may be as addictive as heroin. Do we begrudge addicts and deprive them of food until they "get their act together?" Of course, some in this forum probably think we should, but that's not compatible with moral teachings.

Jesus would not turn away the smokers (or addicts) or the women who somehow find a way to treat themselves to a manicure on occasion. He would invite them to sit at his table. It's a relief that when it comes to feeding those in need, Trinity follows Jesus' teachings rather than the rigid beliefs of some of the posters in this thread.

"...first take the plank out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye." Matthew 7:5

SquirrelGirl SquirrelGirl
5 days ago

Well said SquirrelGirl, I couldn't agree more.

Trust me no one is "filling" their food supply from Trinity's generosity. I happen to be one of them. While many of their food items help us we cannot use a lot of it so I refuse to take what I cant use. If it wasn't for the pantry we would not eat some nights. We both live on SSD and between our rent, utilities and car insurance there is not much left. Take into effect medical bills. I have never been there with a line so long it was outside. You are only allowed to go once a month and they give you enough food for about a few days. I get pedicures during the months I cant go to the foot Dr. Medicare only every 3 months as it would not be covered. My feet need more attention then that. Besides it is cheaper to go to get a pedi then my copayment with medicare. I know several people have family and friends that get there food for them as they are homebound. So maybe that was the conversation you may have heard, I try not to judge people but yes there are people who take advantage of the system. Its not just Trinity Churches pantry either. Housing, food stamps and healthcare to our many town residents that come from other countries and do not work on the books or claim their income to these agencies. Trust me its an epidemic. Our little church helps more then people are taking advantage of.

I suggest some of you either give to the church or adopt a family and send them food directly. There are many in need.

Christine Christine
5 days ago

The point is does one take the high road forever while more and more corruption occurs? Or does one intervene?

+1000000 SquirrelGirl!

positive positive
5 days ago

I think that unless you live a certain experience you cannot judge. I use that pantry on occasion. The fresh produce is limited and to eat canned and processed food is unhealthy and depressing. Even if that someone is milking the system; trust me they are getting away with nothing and they must really need the food .

PV resident
5 days ago

@older mom, I would agree, the system is being abused. If you take the $30 for a mani/pedi and $8 for a pack of cigarettes, you could buy some food for your house. Too often you hear of people "living off the system" Rent paid for by section 8, food stamps, Medicaid, free daycare, etc... Yes there are times when people need the help, and the help should be there when it is truly needed. Not a lifestyle!

too many people nowadays are complacent to always accept a handout and not work for what they want.

getsomeethics getsomeethics
5 days ago

"Curious, i believe that more people are grateful than not. Don’t let the ungrateful drag you down. It’s too easy to get pulled into all the negativity these days, i stay away from it." Bessi...........I love this....

I hope those that can give to the Lords Pantry keep giving for those that DO appreciate it AND need it........Old saying don't let one spoiled apple ruin the whole bucket...or something like that.

Kind hearted and giving people should never let the few bad apples ruin it for them....

Bessie you are one of the good ones, that is for sure!

ALSO hate when someone see's a few folks doing something and the next thing you know it's ALL of them! It happens with the Spanish speaking folks.....sure some may be here illegally, but NOT bank folks.....sure some buy booze or smokes, but NOT ALL.........some folks are narrow minded, bigots..........but NOT keep on keepin on Bessie I love you and your way of thinking.

littlelu littlelu
4 days ago

Littlelu, i have always said i refuse to allow myself to become as miserable as people that post on public forums, anywhere. To always look at the negative, to pick out the flaws of people, to constantly judge others, and try to prove that i know more than anyone else has never been a goal of mine. I know it makes some feel superior, but I’ll continue to live with my glass three quarters full and keep looking through those rose colored glasses ( that some here accused me of once, never forgot it).

What I would like to know is the requirements to qualify for food stamps,how much you receive each month and how illegals can /are allowed to receive these benefits? As a point of information, I picked up a discarded receipt at Shop Rite on April 2,2018 and it showed an initial balance of $500. This post has me asking how do you qualify form these benefits and what is the highest amount that you can receive?Ijust checked the Us debt clock and it shows a little over 39 million people on S.N.A.P.,which is a heck of a lot less then when you know who was in charge (46M) and advertising on TV for more. Ijay I am sure you can fill us in.

Type in Google, "nj snap requirements." Easy as that. Or blink two times, wink once and get the true citizen discount.

Yesimpc Yesimpc
4 days ago

Yesimpc, i was going to provide the link but you offered the same advice. Better to read it to know all the rules than rely on what the ShopRite lady told you or what cousin Mary said that Aunt Sally told her.

Bessie - so good to see/read you here.............a voice of reason and kindness.............

4catmom 4catmom
4 days ago

Bessie, As 4catmom says and I echo, "a voice of reason and kindness."

Mrs. Pipes```` Mrs. Pipes````
4 days ago

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