Appraisal of gold coins

So I have a few gold coins that my grandfather left me. Just some basic research online shows that they do have the possibility of being worth something. However, I obviously want to get them appraised and then possibly sell if they hold any value. Where would I even take something like that to? Does anyone have recommendations of places? Thank you so much

sunshinenj sunshinenj
Jun '18

Jewelers and any number of shops are licensed metals traders. I've used Gold Mine before, try them to make an offer.

There is a jeweler in Denville. If ur going into denviile from Hackettstown make a left at the blimpie sub shopping center. Jeweler on that road. Best price I got for gold coins. Also a place in sparta by the movie theatre also gave me a good estimate. Dont sell around Htown or the local area, there prices are ridiculous. Good luck.

Kikinj Kikinj
Jun '18

You must get them professionally appraised first. Under no circumstances would I take them to any "We buy gold " stores as listed above. The price you receive for these coins could be much higher than their gold content. My sincere advice is to hang onto them as they will only increase in value.

hammer hammer
Jun '18

Roxbury Coin has been around for years.

JrzyGirl88 JrzyGirl88
Jun '18

Unless you get the coin graded you are only getting gold weight or a guess at the value. Any place that trades in coins is going to give you less because they have to make an educated guess then get it graded. Look at any coin guide or magazine and there’s huge variances depending on grade.

Skippy Skippy
Jun '18

I'm in the same boat as you sunshine, we have a large amount of coins that a relative left us when they passed away.

Tfulp Tfulp
Jun '18

why not go to a coin club meeting and talk to some of those folks.

skippy skippy
Jun '18

Thank you guys!!! My mom remembered my grandfather giving them to us. I know gold wise what they would be worth, but would definitely like to see them appraised based on what type of coin they are and its history. He collected a lot of things such as stamps, baseballs, and coins, but I never knew where to go.

I will look at some of your suggestions

sunshinenj sunshinenj
Jun '18

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