LOOSE Black/white Shepherd mix type dog, near Allen Rd.

Not sure who is missing a dog. Just had a black white sheperd mix dog in my backyard. In Mansfield by Allen. He was headed towards Alexandria when I saw him. Ran to get food, but he was gone by the time I got back.

Had a collar. Not sure who's missing him, but he was traveling pretty quickly.

I'll leave food out for him in case he comes back.

Will call ACO if I see him again.

Rockport Rockport
Mar '18

I would alert ACO immediately is the dog is loose and could get into traffic.

Rebecka Rebecka
Mar '18

I would call ACO immediately. This dog is out constantly. My parents spent a long time chasing him last week and finally caught him. This happens all the time. These people DO NOT deserve to have a dog. I know it's not the "right" thing to do but I hope whoever catches him keeps him and gives him a loving, SAFE home which his current owners are failing to provide now. It's ridiculous.

Please call animal control ASAP! That dog is out very often! The people who own him live on Mountain View Dr. in Hackettstown, right near Grand Ave. He runs that way a lot and it's a matter of time before he gets hit by a car.
I, along with the help of 8 other animal lovers and responsible pet owners, tried to and successfully caught him last week! I saw him loose this morning, but he wouldn't come to me. Animal control was called last week, but he was brought back to his house (to save Kim from Animal Control a trip). None of the owners were looking for him and their excuse is that the battery in his invisible fence collar must need replacing, or the snow is preventing the invisible fence from working. Then why are you opening your front door and letting him out??? Their driveway gate is always open allowing him to roam. He's a sweet dog named Jasper and I'm so afraid for him and his safety.

Dogmom Dogmom
Mar '18

Just seen dog by culvert running in and out of traffic. Tried to get but to jump in my vehicle but wouldn’t.

Has anyone seen him? Any update? Great timing with the snow coming. These owners are HORRIBLE. Ughhhhh

Ugh I would never use an electric fence for my dog. How hard is it to leash them or keep them fenced in? Some people just don't care about their animals...

Mrs.Pepper Mrs.Pepper
Mar '18

The dog is back with the owner

Glad to hear!
When I saw him, he wasn't by the road. He was headed to the railroad tracks by Alexandria.

I didn't even think about him being hit, but I will call ACO first next time.

Rockport Rockport
Mar '18

Thank Goodness a great end to today's adventures. I'm glad that I didn't open up this thread to read something terrible!!!

Will the owners learn this time?

Hackresident Hackresident
Mar '18

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Re: LOOSE Black/white Shepherd mix type dog, near Allen Rd.
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