St Patrick's Parade

What a wonderful parade today! Thank you to the BID and all who helped!

Great job organizing the parade, nice to see all the groups. On a more sour note I hope next year they can have at least one cop out on sidewalk patrol. I thought spectators were supposed to stay on the sidewalk. There were grown adults all over road talking,and taking pictures with their phones. We got there an hour early to get seats set up for toddlers, and at various points people thought nothing of standing right in front of us in the road completely closing the view for the kids. I don't mind telling people to move, which I did, but some rules for people who have no respect for others would be appreciated..

Denis——This is why I stopped going to the parade a few years ago

Lamppost Lamppost
5 days ago

Re: St Patrick's Parade

The people in this picture are all good 5 feet away from the sidewalk, thinking nothing of blocking other people's view.

Beautiful day for a parade, if I could have seen it. I got their nice and early with my kids and my chairs. By the time the parade started we couldn’t see a thing and it got worse throughout. I thought the curb was the limit. It would be nice if this could be enforced somehow. Only if people had a clue of some unspoken social rules, don’t stand in front of others watching a parade. Rude!

Denis, I agree with you 100% and came to HL to post a Very similar comment. What you described was completely accurate. Children were running and some were shoving to move further than they already were into the road to get the thrown candy. Beside my husband and I was a family with 4 little boys. The boys sat at the curb and Never ran out to Grab the candy and fill their pockets; Not One Time. I was sad to witness both bad mannered adults and children. There were many who were too far into Main St. and too close to some of the moving vehicles and trucks as they passed. At previous Parades I believe there were people who went up and down Main Street and asked people to please stand back. That was a good idea. The Parade itself was Very Good.

Mrs. Pipes Mrs. Pipes
5 days ago

Yes...I also had a group of kids and adults standing literally right in front of us well into the road. Our many attempts to kindly ask them to move back went on deaf ears. I appreciate all the efforts of everyone putting it together and think it is a wonderful parade but unfortunately the rude group of people next to us could care less we were staring at their heinies the whole time.

Missymiss Missymiss
5 days ago

"Talking and taking pictures with their phones" you do realize you were at a parade right? If you want silence go to a theatre not the St. Patrick's Day Parade!

It first started off as an enjoyable time with neighbors then with my kids. But i have a few pet peeves with the parade and it becomes less enjoyable every year.

1. People show up so late and drive through the line up when it should be shut down. This forces vehicles already lined up to move just to get mom's mini van out. Once you're finally back here comes another one.
2. The rule about handing candy out seems to be forgotten. No one enforces it. People still toss it out of the vehicles. Causing some to fall short and kids run out to get the candy in front of the next vehicle.
3. As the parade goes on the sides of the route keep closing in closer and closer. As you can see from the picture i attached it is hard to see who is in the parade and who is watching it on the right.

It’s hard to blame children for bad manners when their parents are doing the same exact thing.....unbelievable!

The St. Patrick's Parade today was great as it always has been in past years. Thank you to the BID and all who helped to make this event a very successful one.

@Htown clearly the post went right over your head. "If you want silence go to a theatre" Did I say anything about noise??? My complaint was about rude people standing out in the middle of the road, blocking everyone else's view. The people in my picture including the lady taking pictures all got there late, didn't think twice about going out in the middle of the road and blocking the view of everyone that got there before them, mostly kids. Disgusting!

@htown -- I don't think anyone wants silence, just common courtesy

Missymiss Missymiss
5 days ago

OMG Denis get a grip. The parade was fantastic and everyone I was with had a great time. Next year stay home!

Scottso Scottso
5 days ago

Re: St Patrick's Parade

Sorry, photo didn't post before. It just makes it hard for drivers. You have to constantly watch both sides of the road.

@CJ, yes clearly a dangerous situation that is preventable. What were you driving?

It was a great parade! Made me proud to live in Hackettstown, lived here on and off since 1968. A wonderful town with great people. Cheese and crackers, get a grip!

Scottso I didn't say I had bad time, and I'll be there next year. Maybe you enjoy staring at someone's fat ass, I'd prefer to watch the parade unencumbered by rude adults, especially for the kids I'm with sake who are all toddlers. I don't think it's asking too much for the rules to be encouraged if people lack basic common courtesy for others.

Negative comments from htown and Scottso. They probably were the ones standing in the road.

Petunia 17 Petunia 17
5 days ago

I tried to start a positive thread, yet so many of you ----- and complain. Maybe you should volunteer for the parade committee next year!

Great parade!

Goatboy Goatboy
5 days ago

Nobody’s saying it wasn’t a good parade. They just wish they could of seen it. Rude parents and out of control kids ruined it. Common courtesy.

We need some cheese on this forum to go with all the Wine.

Great Parade!

Goatboy Goatboy
5 days ago

Can't people show concern about something without being bullied?

People standing off the sidewalk blocking other's view is just plain ridiculous.

Jeez if adults act like this, I hate to see what their kids are going to act like.

No whining required if we lived in a society where people took one second to consider how their actions affect those around them and actually cared about how their decisions impacted others. Its funny (sad actually) that I believe most folks do consider others, but it’s become socially acceptable to no longer care if they’re being selfishly rude or not. After all, our politicians and comedians and “news” sources get away with it all day long...

I guess this is the society we want (I’m getting what I need - to hell with anyone else), apparently, so it is what it is...

Justintime Justintime
5 days ago

Thanks for all that came out. When the weather is as great as it was yesterday we get all over 10k people in attendance. Keep in mind the entire parade is run by 2 BID staff and 11 volunteers so if anyone wants to help out with crowd control feel free to contact the BID. They have an entire box of green “parade staff” sweatshirts that they can’t seem to find people to wear. You’ll have a great spot to see the Parade!!!

The people "standing in the road blocking other's view" isn't new this year, it's been happening in previous years as well. Which demonstrates why I'm not a fan of "people" lol... consideration seems to have gone out the window with the self-absorbed "ME generation", oblivious to all around them. Shame.

And that goes DOUBLE to drivers like that- I have literally narrowly avoided 3 serious accidents in the last 6 months, either because people were texting while driving, ignoring stop signs, pulling out into traffic just "expecting everyone to stop for the king"....

There's a word for these people: Aholes.

JeffersonRepub JeffersonRepub
5 days ago

The 27th NJVI Civil War Reenactors had a great time as usual for our "walk" down Main Street. Next stop NYC!

10k people? On second thought, perhaps there just isn’t enough room for 10k people?

Justintime Justintime
5 days ago

+10000000000000 JR!!!

Botheredbyuu2 Botheredbyuu2
5 days ago

Anyone has a link to the pictures? In the past they post it in or the Lehigh Valley live. Please share if you do have it. Thanks.

It was a great day for a parade and we had a lot of fun. Of course there were rude people around us, but that is to be expected. We did our best to keep our kids on the curb and to share the candy they collected with the kids near us that didn’t get any. Unfortunately there were some teenagers next to us that never got that lesson (they took candy away from preschoolers on more than one occasion!), but we took the opportunity to tell our kids that is what not to do. Overall good job to the parade organizers- it was a great event!

JosieMarie JosieMarie
5 days ago

" Of course there were rude people around us, but that is to be expected."

And that is the problem: not only is it "expected", it is ACCEPTED.

JeffersonRepub JeffersonRepub
5 days ago

I know one photographer was up late last night editing her pictures, I'll see if she can post them later today

Thanks Jim!

I don't go to the parade anymore for the reasons cited above. A couple of years ago, my kids and I secured a nice spot in our chairs only to have people rush up to stand in front us once the parade started. Had an exchange of words with an unruly millennial and my cooler head prevailed not to create a scene.

This is what happens to a society when you give away free stuff. Until someone is hurt, no action will be taken. If it gets bad enough the marchers will decline their invitation to march because of the liability. What a shame.

auntiel auntiel
5 days ago

Re: St Patrick's Parade

Loved the parade. The mummers were both great. The Morris Police pipers were excellent and really liked the Ulster Scottish Pipe Band. Many other great great groups too. What a great day for the weather.

Thanks to everyone that made this possible.

There’s a photo gallery.

Here is the video of the entire parade. It's funny to see how empty the sidewalk is at this part of the parade. There were definitely pockets of open space people could have sat to see the parade but for some reason the majority were all grouped together between Grand Ave an Plane St.

@JimL to my original post.
"Great job organizing the parade, nice to see all the groups"
"I hope next year they can have at least one cop out on sidewalk patrol."

I don't think anyone is criticizing BID or the organizers. I don't think crowd control, and enforcement of basic traffic laws like don't stand in the middle of the road during a parade ( see picture ) should left to people in green sweaters, or to residents who come out to enjoy the parade with their families. Instead of multiple cops standing around blocked off intersections, having one officer walking up and down main street would get the job done, since it's seems common courtesy, and common sense is declining every year. It's an easy solution, and It seems like it should be normal protocol for large town wide events.

Denis, I look forward to your volunteering next year!

Sport can you read? "I don't think crowd control, and enforcement of basic traffic laws like don't stand in the middle of the road during a parade ( see picture ) should left to people in green sweaters, or to residents"

I kept the area in front of my family clear, but again that shouldn't be incumbent on people who come out to enjoy the parade and who follow the rules of common courtesy, and on a more serious note there is a safety issue with adults and kids in the road of an active parade.

Denis (and others with the same experience of spectators spilling into the streets) is absolutely spot on. It is a *great* parade, but could be so much more enjoyable if spectators respected others by not standing in the streets in front of others. It is also why we stopped going.
Having police presence or physical barriers along the parade route could help.

3wbdwnj 3wbdwnj
5 days ago

Like jiml mentioned there was plenty of room. If you went toward mountain ave you could have all the view you want. If you decided to squish in with everyone higher up main street there was no need. Next year just move closer to mountain ave

@Jdem, sorry I find the premise absurd that residents who have come to enjoy the parade with their families on Main st for years, and follow the rules should be forced to move down to Mountain ave to accommodate those who don't. Especially when the solution is simple.

This is the kind of situation that can spiral very quickly into mayhem.

People shouldn't be in the road.

Seriously, if there is not any cooperation from the police and not enough volunteer manpower to keep the crowd back, then maybe its best to not have the parade.

Reggie Voter Reggie Voter
4 days ago

I seem to remember Jim working the parade a few years ago telling people to back up and making sure people stayed on the sidewalk.....this year he is seen walking in the parade with the mayor.....Jim we need you back!!!!!

Denis, yes I can read. You are needed to volunteer on the committee to help raise funds because everything costs money. The police charge the BID to work the parade, they are not free. Also, I believe they charge overtime rates. I am sure the committee would welcome all the help you could give. Even the bands are paid.

I'd say it's pretty obvious why everybody congregates from Plane St. westward. All the public parking lots are from Plane St. and to the West and I'm sure that people don't feel like heading further away from where they're parked, but are more likely to infringe on other's view by plopping themselves in front of people already there.

Another likely reason is that the vast majority of the stores are in that area, as well as available bathrooms.

That said, it's definitely obvious that Hackettstown as a parade venue could be even better if a solution to those issues were found. The only private business I can think of that I'm pretty sure is closed Sunday is Valley National Bank, which could accommodate about 30 cars or so, but would likely need their permission and signage of course. The Middle School could also offer quite a bit of parking. Of course the bathroom issue would still exist, unless a local business would offer them for free for advertising space on the website, which could also show the alternative "extra" parking.

I hope my ideas help. If any of that is already done, then my apologies. I've never had the opportunity to attend one of the St. Patrick's Day parade, so I'm not sure of all that may or may not be already addressed.

Phil D. Phil D.
4 days ago

Sport it seems to me that paying one officer to walk the street for 2 hours would make more sense than paying a couple of them to stand by their cars at the same intersection for 2 hours. A total lack of active police presence on parade route seems mystifying to me, and I'm not sure why an active duty for that day wouldn't be assigned that job anyway without any additional cost to BID. I haven't criticized BId anywhere, I praised them in my original comment. My question was why is there zero police presence?? Also others mentioned barricades, and that also seems like a simple solution. At least on the popular section of Main St.

Shouldn't the parents police their own kids and just have common decency not to cut in front of others who were there in place first?
And it looked like the cops were telling people to move back where they were stationed.
The simple fix is having the candy that draws the kids to the road stopped or just hand it out.

4 days ago

Thank you Jim L and IRun. I went to NJ Herald earlier but I did not go to the Photos and Videos, but got it. Thanks again!

I thought Hackettstown had a cop"walking the beat"

" total lack of active police presence on parade route seems mystifying to me, and I'm not sure why an active duty for that day wouldn't be assigned that job anyway without any additional cost to BID."

Denis you still need to police the rest of the town so all normally scheduled police for that day are out around town. All police that were brought in to traffic and help with the parade are additional staff for that day with additional cost to the BID. We have brought in barriers for the corner of Grand and Main as that arc was getting tighter and tighter with people standing in the street. But again those barriers come with a cost. So adding more along Main St would be costly, not to mention the man power needed to put them up and take them down immediately following the parade. The only thing about the parade that doesn't cost money is volunteers which are hard to find. In an ideal world we would have 2 volunteers on each block of main street for crowd control but that will probably never happen as less and less people get involved.

We have been going to the parade for several years and this year by far the kids were way to far in the road. I know this kids are excited and love the Free Candy but I felt the parents were very relaxed in keeping them back close to the curb. It was very hard to enjoy the parade. We got there early to have a good viewing spot. I am a mother and my mothering instinct will always come out and these kids were so far in the road and the parents not doing anything. It made me very nervous..I did enjoy what I could see of the parade but it is just not the same and getting out of hand with the lack of control of the kids. Someones child IS going to get hurt, just a matter of time..

Mom of 3 Mom of 3
4 days ago

Someones child Is going to get hurt.........then the lawsuit to the town will cost much more than sufficient police coverage. If these events are to continue, and hopefully so, the police, not volunteers without authority, need to be part of the whole function. Just my 2 cents but times are changing and not always for the better.

justwondering justwondering
4 days ago

All items must be given HAND-TO-HAND at the curb by walking along the parade route next to spectators. It
is very dangerous for spectators to run into the street for candy or other hand-outs. No throwing is permitted.

seems like a simple idea

It's very simple. As the event grows so does the budget to produce it safely. That is just good business and common sense. If the fees associated with the basic safety requirements such as police, set-up, break down etc can't be covered by a budget then the event does not exist. Counting on volunteers in positions of authority is not the way to go and invites liability for the event organizer in the event of an incident.
As far as rude, inconsiderate people standing in front of others and allowing their children to run wild, well sadly that is all too common I'm afraid. It comes down to self respect and respect for others.

As an aside, I find it totally unnecessary to toss candy at a parade. That greatly adds to the issues mentioned as well as creates a big safety issue. If kids need the candy so badly then visit Tracey's on Main Street or go to Sprawl-mart and get junior the big bag. It should be prohibited and enforced at a parade.

Denis, I agree that this issue is a problem. I also know you are not criticizing the BID, I just wanted to let you know that everything costs money and in order to do it all the BID needs help! Thanks!

The budget comes from sponsorships. This parade is fully funded by the generous businesses we have in town that are willing to be a part of this event.

Parents need to control their kids. Simple as that

I think the people that want to give out candy that's fine just walk down the sides oh the road and hand it out.

"Parents need to control their kids. Simple as that"

judging by Denis's picture.....parents need to work on themselves!!!!

we are having our wrap up meeting tomorrow night, I will pass along the concerns on this thread and see if we can come up with a solution for next year's. Maybe a simple rope along the sides of the roads to control the crowd might work.

JimL, the forum represents a small sampling of the local residents. As you can see many have stopped coming to the parade, and others are frustrated by the lack of crowd control. The adults standing in the road are the biggest problem when it comes to others being able to enjoy the parade, and the children standing in road the biggest safety concern. I know everything cost money, but as I said crowd control, and enforcing basic safety laws ( don't stand in the middle of the road ) should be left up to the police. I think money spent on one officer walking the route for 2 hours would be well invested. I appreciate that you will be taking this up tomorrow night.

What is St Pats day coming to? Used to just worry about the drunks causing trouble!

Dennis, while I agree that people standing in the road is rude and inconsiderate, 1 officer walking from Grand Ave to the cemetery is not enough to solve the problem. By the time he is around Center street, people back down by down Church Street would be back out in the road. I also disagree with your statement "you can see many have stopped coming". I was just saying (to a friend at the parade) how many more people there were and how I had to park more blocks away then in past years. I think it's really gaining popularity.

....and to Jim's point....YES...people should control their kids. I was there with 3 of mine 8, 5 and 2. They were not in the road because I did not allow it.

4 days ago

"I was just saying (to a friend at the parade) how many more people there were and how I had to park more blocks away then in past years. I think it's really gaining .popularity."

All the more reason to have adequate police and other crowd control apparatus

Greg the meeting tomorrow night is open to the public. 5:30 BID office on Main St, since you have all the answers I suggest you attend. That's how I first got involved :)

Thank you for all the hard work that went into this parade!! Love that we have this in our town. I know many towns end up having to put barriers up because of crowd issues, I'm sure that costs money and time. If people would just be respectful and stand behind the curb it wouldn't be an issue. I walked for awhile before I meant up with my friends and yes some areas had barely any people. If you arrive late walk a few blocks to get that front row spot, instead of cutting in front of someone. We were lucky we only had a few rude people by us. The nice people next to us made up for it! They gave candy to the girl that was with us, when she couldn't get any. I was also shocked by the amount of driver's giving the crosswalk guards a hard time. Trying to turn down blocked off streets etc. I wanted to jump in and help the one lady but didn't want to cause more stress for her. It's a fun day, if people could just put their best foot forward we could all enjoy it!

Sunshine Sunshine
4 days ago

I don't have all of the answers. I am not criticizing the event as it is handled today. Just a cursory observation from the recent comments posted and what I noticed the last time I attended the parade.

What I do have is over 25 years of experience creating, planning all aspects of, and implementing public events ranging from 20 to 20,000 people. I collaborated in creating the business plans for numerous public events as well as the entire budget process including securing sponsors. I was also part of a team of event and festival planners that were invited and traveled to various large scale public events around the state offering our expertise and experience to other venues

The most important statement I can make regarding an event like this is to be proactive not reactive when dealing with large groups of people particularly with a high percentage of children involved.

Don't feed the troll Denis

I don't get it. Can't you people just say Excuse Me could you please move so that others can see.Thank you. I have done this many many times and never had a problem. Remember to always say thank you.

3 days ago

And if "Exsqueeze Me" doesn't work, there's always the Jersey "Yo, down in front" with emphasis on the YO.

strangerdanger strangerdanger
3 days ago

No Snowflake they obviously can't. People on this forum display everyday how common sense is completely a lost art form.

Is the suggestion to ask someone to move when it’s *obvious* that the offending person intentionally chose to block your view?

Seems backwards to me.

Perhaps be aware of your choices and how they will affect others? Or is that just too obvious a question to ask?

justintime justintime
3 days ago

Re: St Patrick's Parade

@Don, yes common sense is a lost art form, like standing in front of someone is rude.

@snowflake, here is a wider angle picture, notice the open space in front of me, vs. the late arriving people standing in front of everyone else in the middle of the road to the right. That is from me spending the better part of the parade telling people to move.

@justintime, amen what happened to basic common courtesy. What kind grown adult stands in front of kids at a parade???

It's not always easy to get people to move either. Some people get nasty when you ask. We ran into a store before the parade started and when we came back we couldn't get through the sidewalk because people that came late decided to put their kids chairs on the sidewalk and stand behind them. In the middle of people who were on both sides of sidewalk who arrived early. We said excuse me to try and get through and got some nasty words back. All the adults had to do was move to the side to let us pass and it was a huge deal. Common courtesy people, tons of room to watch the parade spread out or arrive early if you must have a specific spot!

Sunshine Sunshine
3 days ago

Not only is this blatantly rude, it is also dangerous! SOMEONE should have been responsible for crowd control! Those people are at least 6 feet from the curb!

3 days ago

When our group was marching we did have to side step kids picking up candy in the road. The group that was in front of us dropped a lot of candy close to the yellow line instead of giving it to the folks on the side. This was the first year I really noticed this problem.

"Is the suggestion to ask someone to move when it’s *obvious* that the offending person intentionally chose to block your view?" Except that the intentional part is a judgement call by you, in this case based on a photograph and third party account.

And is your suggestion to ask them if they were aware of their choices given the affect on others? If I am reading this right and that's your point, then yeah, I'll go with that it's just a little too obvious to ask. Yeah, that one.

Then it's ""Yo, down in front" with emphasis on the YO." Now that's obvious.

strangerdanger strangerdanger
2 days ago

I am not a troll at all. That is how I truly feel and not saying it just to get a rise. Absolutely ridiculous when people complain about stupid garbage like this. Learn from it and do something about it next time instead of coming onto a forum and complaining about where someone stood or sat that happened to be in front of where you sat.

1. Get there earlier next time to get a front row seat
2. Put the phone down, get up out of your chair and say something to the people who are impeding your view from 100 yards away
3. Stay seated with your camera phone out, and say nothing and deal with the view you have, and keep your mouth shut about it if you didn't do anything to fix it
4. Stay home for the next parade so you don't have to be disappointed and again dont have to bring this garbage up in a forum.

jolly rodger jolly rodger
2 days ago

@Denis - Do you notice the volume of people who are standing or sitting curbside for this parade and not sitting a mile away? But I guess it's the hundreds of others who are at fault....Not to mention you clearly see the huge opening curbside directly in front of you, why wouldn't you just move up to curbside and enjoy the parade like everyone else.

Again not a troll here, as I am not looking for a rise in anyone, in fact the nonsense of the OP got a rise out of me so I am sharing my true thoughts. I did not come on here to post something dramatic and fictitious to get a rise out of the group.

jolly rodger jolly rodger
2 days ago

jolly rodger - maybe you're thinking that tan color (where the people are standing) is part of the sidewalk? To me that looks like the actual roadway (covered in salt/sand).

The child in the green jacket IS on the edge of the curb (as close as anyone is permitted to be to the parade except for the rude people that walked INTO the street).

Mark Mc. Mark Mc.
2 days ago

@Jolly Roger, you really are clueless, I was at the edge of the sidewalk, those people are not standing curbside they are in the middle of the road, only a few feet from the middle. My Grandson in the picture is at the very edge of the sidewalk. You need to get your glasses checked, and try reading all the comments. Yes there was an opening in front of me because I spent the better part of the day telling people to move. I did get there an hour early, and I was sitting curbside, not only are you a troll but your a weak, and lame one at that. You deleted your last comment after your realized how foolish you looked. If it's a garbage post then don't comment on it if you have nothing productive to say, I really don't think anyone cares "how you truly feel"

@Mark Mc, yes 100% correct salt covered road.

“Except that the intentional part is a judgement call by you, in this case based on a photograph and third party account.“

Gee, I don’t know. I learned in kindergarten not to cut in line, to share, etc, so yeah, if folks are lined up along a parade route - *obviously* there to *watch* the parade - and I choose to stand in front of them, it really is obvious (not to you, I get) that not only would I be blocking their view but also that I didn’t give a rats behind about it.

If that works for you then why would you be concerned that others would be upset by it? You’re getting what you want, right, and to hell with anyone else. That’s how you roll...

justintime justintime
2 days ago

@justintime, yes some things are just so bloody OBVIOUS you wouldn't think they need to be explained.

Aside from the rudeness and blocking others' view, the pic from inside the vehicle shows this is clearly a safety issue. Parade officials or police officers who are being paid to be there, should be keeping people out of the street for safety's sake.

No regrets
1 day ago

Can't stand all the rude people so I don't go. I am curious, I thought throwing candy was against the law. Maybe people in the crowd should throw candy at the kids if they are in the way....

Why stop at throwing candy at them? Throw bricks. Or just hit them with your car. That'll teach them.


DevilsFan DevilsFan
17 hours ago

stop bitching and join the BID as a volunteer. is this the let me cry about everything is wrong forum and can suggest better but actually do nothing....sounds like it.

if your so mad, upset, the law was broken, etc get involved and make a change.

your keyboard means nothing and your posts accomplish nothing, take action.

or shut up and enjoy the hard work of others.

the parade was great, good work to all involved and those who dedicated time to promote, improve and entertain our town.

Goatboy i love the parade my daughter has walked in it for a few years. I have to agree with the others comments though its kinda broke to a free for all. Now, not getting into what happened this year to me, but lets just take the guy who was in the parades picture. Imagine that was the before picture, the after was a lot worse. Whose insurance picks up the bill? Who would be paying for such a tragedy? Well for one i could say there wouldnt be a parade the next year. It is simple to keep it clean. Cost is nothing until the cost is too great....

As an aside your message resonates that you either are on the bid or know someone that is and are taking it at heart. The parade was great, the people were not. Its that simple. That simple to also to keep them in line. Im guessing if the police scratch one locker search from the HS the next year it would be more than capable to keep 2 or 3 beat cops on the walk.

justthink justthink
16 hours ago

@Goatboy, The threads already got the attention of BID and the town, who said they will try and come up with some solutions, so apparently voicing concerns about the town on the town forum can result in positive changes, but don't let that stop you from bitching about people bitching.

Here is a simple solution ...." I was there with 3 of mine 8, 5 and 2. They were not in the road because I did not allow it." <--This person could donate $1.00 for each attendee in their group ( ie: $4.00 O) ...if everyone attending did this, all the security or barriers would easily be paid for.

Oh wait, you expect them to actually pay !???
Imagine that : - )

No bid relation, just want people to get involved.

After you latest lament with your now traditional ad hominem close, I actually had to review the “evidence” to see where you were coming from. It was determined to be left of Saturn.

IMO, Denis rightfully complained about people standing in the road blocking those on the sidewalk to which others agreed, others said not an issue where they were. Denis suggest a number of remedies, all good. Denis also said that he did not have an issue with people blocking him because he asked, they moved.

“and at various points people thought nothing of standing right in front of us in the road completely closing the view for the kids. I don't mind telling people to move, which I did, but some rules for people who have no respect for others would be appreciated… (Denis)

Somewhere you said: “"Is the suggestion to ask someone to move when it’s *obvious* that the offending person intentionally chose to block your view?" to which I responded “Except that the intentional part is a judgement call by you, in this case based on a photograph and third-party account.” which apparently was a character flaw of the nth degree.

Sure, it’s rude, sure, something should be done. For example, maybe it’s time to stop tossing free gifts out if we don’t want people to crowd the front. Denis covered all that very well. But to say it’s obvious that people blocking by being in the place where the free gifts are being thrown are intentionally there to block your view because they are just offensive people is not true. If they are really offensive and rude, why did they move for Denis?

True story: I grew up in Western PA/NY where the Main Streets are wide and life is ez :-) Our Main Street had diagonal parking on both sides creating quite a wide path during parades. Free things were freely thrown and it was expected that you filled the parking zone in the street. Sidewalks were for old people in chair so don't crowd them there. That would be rude and offensive.

When I first moved here, I stepped right into the street until I “learned” your strange street parade culture here. I assimilated to your customs but never forgot my heritage……. Just saying perhaps, just perhaps, it’s not always obvious to the casual observer. And it’s never right to provide false judgements. And most important ---- if you ask, chances are they will move.

As to the rest of Denis' recommendations; great. I am sure anything to avoid the situation initially would be best. Thanks for bringing it up and glad BID was listening.

strangerdanger strangerdanger
7 hours ago

Huh??? Was that a summary position paper or something?

Seems to me this topic has been beaten to death and buried and now we are subject to a summary of the murder lol.

justintime justintime
6 hours ago

The Reality is its 4 people on this thread complaining about crowd control. So 4 people out of 10k that showed up. I think that’s a pretty small percentage. Don’t know if we are going to change the way we run a parade for 4 people

Re: St Patrick's Parade

Happy St Patrick's Day everyone!!!

JimL I wonder what percentage of town knows about this forum, posts, or reads it. I have no opinion on the subject but I'm not sure your conclusion is accurate.

Happy St. Patrick's Day ianimal!

PS ianimal, your post is the best in this whole thread! Thank you!

littlelu littlelu
3 hours ago

Sorry the OP had a very nice post bad

littlelu littlelu
3 hours ago

Great picture ianimal!!

Wow JimL, I think you need reread this thread, a lot more than 4 people complained about the lack of crowd control, and there were a number who said the stopped coming. Clearly the people who post here represent a small percentage of the Hackettstown population, so I'm confident the number is larger. Just when I give you credit for taking the time to look into it, you come back with a snarky comment. If you can't see from the pictures, not just mine that you have a problem, then nothing will change until someone gets hurt. To reiterate my original point, kudos to bid for organising a great parade. A big thumbs down to town working with the police department that didn't think and apparently still doesn't think that one of the many active duty police officers should be assigned to the parade route, it's not complicated strategic planning, just common sense.

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