2018 Hackettstown Life Forum Bracketology

It's that time again, kids... everyone who was in the group last year should have received an email invite. For potential newcomers, read on:

I've started a group in Yahoo for fans of the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament to compete against one another. The tournament begins Thursday, March 15th and all brackets must be filled out before tip-off of the first game (the "play-in" games Tuesday/Wednesday night do not count).

The scoring by round is as follows:

Round 1 - 1 point per correct pick
Round 2 - 2 points
Round 3 - 4 points (Sweet 16)
Round 4 - 8 points (Elite 8)
Round 5 - 16 points (Final Four)
Round 6 - 32 points (Championship game)

In addition, for THE FIRST ROUND ONLY, there are seed difference bonus points awarded for correctly picked upsets. For instance, if you correctly choose a 12-seed to defeat a 5-seed, in addition to the 1 point for correctly picking the winner, you will also get 7 bonus points for the difference in the seedings (12-5=7).

If you would like to participate and have a Yahoo ID (PM me if you don't have one and can't figure out how to get one), follow this link:


Password - forum

Obviously your bracket cannot be filled out until teams are selected, which will be later today. Join up now or wait till the last minute; your choice.

Only one bracket per person and please use your HLF handle as your bracket name so that everyone knows who you are. Thanks and good luck to everyone who chooses to participate.

ianimal ianimal
6 days ago

Thanks Ianimal! Waiting for the selection as i type this.

I don't always follow NCAA, but when I do follow NCAA, I follow the Women.

My two biggest favorites this year are U.Conn and Baylor. U.Conn still running undefeated and Baylor is "the little team that could" in my book. Their roster contains only 10 players, 2 of whom are currently injured & earlier 3 freshmen players were unable to play, due to disciplinary action, leaving the ones left to play the full game on their own. For those that don't watch, you should check out the level of play, especially U.Conn. To me it's a thing of beauty to watch them truly work together as a team. As one of the Commentators put it many teams "learn plays", but they learn to "play the game".

Phil D. Phil D.
5 days ago


just coach just coach
4 days ago

Taking my annual stab in the dark as I type this. Still annoyed that some very deserving mid-majors did not get bids (can you say St. Mary's for example) so that the field could look like the ACC conference tourney.

dan4golf dan4golf
4 days ago

Bumping this up... you have until 12:15 today to sign up and fill out your bracket.

Good luck to everyone.

ianimal ianimal
2 days ago

Taking my annual stab in the dark as I type this. Still annoyed that some very deserving mid-majors did not get bids (can you say St. Mary's for example) so that the field could look like the ACC conference tourney.


We are all taking that stab in the dark. Agree with you 100% on St. Mary's. They and others get hurt when a conference low level gets hot and wins it's conf. tourny chip, thus knocking out a St. Mary's

Clyde Potts Clyde Potts
2 days ago

Did anyone have Buffalo ?

Just coach Just coach
1 day ago

15-1 yesterday. My best first day in 20 or so years of filling out brackets. I'm sure today is when the wheels fall off, though (-;

Buffalo over Arizona was the one I missed, justcoach. No one else in our group picked that upset either.

ianimal ianimal
1 day ago

UMBC up 16 with less than 4 minutes to go. Holy Crap

Just coach Just coach
18 hours ago

Wow history made and UMBC FIRST win in tournament history

Just coach Just coach
18 hours ago

Well, I'm in first place, but I lost one of my two finalists. Womp womp.

I knew UMBC were for real after their 85-41 victory over Centenary Cyclones.

UMBC -- the all-time bracket buster :-D Saw them play George Mason and Towson a few years ago in The Beltway Classic. a holiday tournament down that way.

Andy Loigu Andy Loigu
4 hours ago

I'm in first place in a different group of over 100 people . Entry fee for that group . Love march madness

Just coach Just coach
4 hours ago

my race to the bottom is an early success!

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