Curbside brush pickup

Does anyone know if the town will pick up fallen branches and small limbs if left by the curb? I can’t find anything official on the DPW website but I see people all over town leaving piles by the curb. The newest thread I could find on this was several years old

The R The R
Mar '18

The Hackettstown DPW has, in the past picked up branches and stuff after major storms. Last time was the October storm a few years back I believe. They have been very busy with the storms as well as preparing for the parade. Another great job by our DPW team during these last few storms by the way. I gather they will pick up once they get back in the normal routine.

The best way to get an accurate answer is to call the DPW office Monday morning and ask. 908 852 2320. They are they by 7:30AM

Thanks, Greg. I called this morning but no pickup will be done

The R The R
Mar '18

Any idea then what to do with the limbs?

Hopeful Hopeful
Mar '18

Mine was picked up yesterday.

Are you located in Hackettstown, TJS?

I left mine by the curb last week in Hackettstown and DPW picked them up!

They were picking up branches yesterday in the Willow Grove development.....

Mine actually did get picked up.

Hopeful Hopeful
Mar '18

Awesome. We have the best DPW crew around!

Yes, I am in Hackettstown

If you put debris out this weekend you need to call DPW and insist they come and get it. They are saying now they won't --- but if they picked up other people's branches during the week that is not fair. What are we paying high taxes for? If they pick up some places but not others that is discrimination.
This is going to be one eyesore town if they don't clean it up.

happiest girl
Mar '18

I agree. My snow just finally melted enough to see half of the branches in my yard. Picked them all up yesterday and they will be at the curb until the town does the right thing and takes them away!!!!

"If they pick up some places but not others that is discrimination". Let's organize a March against DPW. All Branches Matter.

kb2755 kb2755
Mar '18

Discrimination!? Uh no. A missed opportunity to have a few branches picked up by the DPW as a courtesy, yes. Demand a pick up? I'm not sure that is the best approach.

Kb2755- LMBO!!

So you're being discriminated against by the DPW for them not picking up your branches and possibly doing it for a few others? Well then, if I don't have any branches to be picked up and they are picking up for others, will I get a tax refund?...... I'll just bring mine to the town's chipping event that they have a couple time per year, which is budgeted for.

Mar '18

Brush day is May 5

My son lives in another town and asked when the debris from the last storms would be picked up. He was told it was the homeowner's responsibility and the town would not be doing it at all. As of now the resenditial streets are loaded with piles of branches and the plows can't get through. No one knows what will happen now. Everyone thought the town would do the pickup and piled them at the curb. Many streets are down to one car width. He's gone out and moved his pile from the curb onto his front lawn for now. But even though he told his neighbors, they refuse to give in. So no p!ows have treated his street. And the snow keeps coming. Any suggestions?

Parental Unit Parental Unit
Mar '18

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