End of the line for Toys 'R Us?

I just saw this... it could seriously damage the toy industry in the US, leave hundreds of empty stores and leave dozens and dozens unemployed in our area if the Flanders distribution center closes.

Let’s hope it doesn’t happen.


I saw this coming 20 years ago. They had a goos ride.

Unless someone buys Toys R Us and or should they not be successful in getting a favorable loan they will close everything this month.

If anyone passes the store in Lopatcong let us know if they’re having a liquidation sale off.

Roywhite Roywhite
7 days ago

Just a by product of capitalism.

Don't believe it Don't believe it
7 days ago

Poor Jeffrey.

Without capitalism, TRU wouldn’t exist in the first place. What a ridiculous statement, DontBelieveIt. You must be young. Is your idea for the government to forcibly take control of all private business and run it themselves?

7 days ago

I don’t want to grow up, but Geoffrey is getting old

The Pburg store is having their store closing sale right now. 20-50% off most items.

Killed by Amazon.

Bac, thanks for the update.

Also killed by mismanagement.

Mismanagement was what I was eluding to, saw it 20 years ago.

I’ve never been a Toys R Us shopper, no bargains there, always did better in other stores. This was before Amazon even came into the picture. I shopped at Bradley’s, Caldors, Sears and almost always found better prices. Amazon may have changed the picture for the younger generation, but they haven’t been competitive in ages.

Toys r us was ridiculously overpriced 15 years ago, same with babies r us. I am surprised they lasted this long.

Jesse341 Jesse341
5 days ago

The writing was on the wall. Overpriced and not-competitive with other B&M stores and online for that matter. Their sales were a joke because the sale prices were still overpriced which went to show how bad the price gouging was on the original prices.

Joe Friday Joe Friday
5 days ago

gee, ijay, jesse and joe, I hope you made a lot of money shorting their stock. who do you have picked next? and who are you long on?

Remember folks, if you have a gift card or two tucked away, there's not much time left to use them.

Parental Unit Parental Unit
4 days ago

My very first amazon order years ago was for a toy at Christmas. I went to the Toys R Us website and was redirected to Amazon to buy it there, Toys R Us didn't want to manage online sales. Big mistake.

hktownie hktownie
4 days ago

Ken e, when stores charge to much money for their merchandise people go elsewhere. They were not a small mom and pop store, which I have no problem supporting, they are a huge nationwide franchise. There was no reason for their stuff to be so overpriced. That is why people stopped shopping there.

Jesse341 Jesse341
4 days ago

I always think about the employees, so I have sympathy for them if they do go out of business. However, they were certainly overpriced, and though this may have changed in the past 20 years I remember as a child being very upset because they changed their stock so frequently if I saw a toy one week it would be gone before I could save up the allowance to get it. I still never got that light up Space Shuttle...

Agreed with many posters here. Usually overpriced. The good thing about them was BabysRUs and the registry.

3wbdwnj 3wbdwnj
3 days ago

"it could seriously damage the toy industry in the US"

How so?

MB, this explains it better than I can... plus I'm too lazy to type on my phone (-;


ianimal ianimal
3 days ago

They have a pretty big DC on Bartley Road in Flanders which employs a good amount of people, I see this as the the real loss for our community, hopefully the property will not be unoccupied for long.

I'm with Bessie!

Botheredbyuu2 Botheredbyuu2
3 days ago

Sure the property will fill up as fast as the BASF building in mount olive. Just take a look around at all the available office space for rent in NJ. A ton of it.

And with the new Governor promising to raise taxes on Corporations, there will be a lot more.

It's official. Stock up on your Tickle-Me Elmos now.

One of the first big box chains that decimated the mom and pop toy stores - here's hoping some intrepid toy lovers open up local stores with unique toys that cannot be found on the internet.

~trekster3 ~trekster3
2 days ago

I heard on the news this morning, that part of the reason ToysRUs is closing is because Wal-Mart is selling toys.
What?? Wal-Mart has always sold toys and Mansfield Wal-Mart has the smallest toy dept I've ever seen. How is that hurting ToysRUs?

Botheredbyuu2 Botheredbyuu2
2 days ago

Toys R Us just priced too high. But it was where I always did my toy shopping. Walmart never has what you're looking for.

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