Loss of water pressure

Water pressure at all faucets and shower head have decreased dramatically.......guessing it could be well pump or filters clogged of sediments......anyone do side work that knows how to pinpoint and remedy this? I'm located in Liberty Township on Mtn.Lake......

Its most likely your well tank. Usually blue in color somewhere in your basement. If you tap on the tank and it feels water logged then you've solved your problem and need to replace the tank. It could also be the pressure switch "nipple" is clogged with sediment.

Forcefed4door Forcefed4door
Feb '18

I live in liberty as well. I've been through the ringer with my water pressure. Do u have a filter on ur water system? Check that first. It will b brown because the water is so hard here. The filter will sit in a clear tubular housing. Mine has to be changed every month no matter what. Check it out and see if it's that. Otherwise it might be u need to drain the bladder in the blue water tank.

Being myself Being myself
Feb '18

Checked blue well tank in basement.......not water logged and BeingMyself......not sure if it has a filter as I've never dealt with a well before.......trying to look up videos on YouTube to troubleshoot the problem.....

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Re: Loss of water pressure
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