Mansfield Village Light & 57

Does anyone else notice that this light takes an absurd amount of time to change especially on colder mornings? sometimes over 10 minutes and traffic is backed up to the home depot. very unsafe as people end up making the left hand turn onto route 57 as the light is still red. very annoying when i leave for work early to try and get some food, and that extra 10 15 minutes come back to haunt me.

htownguy12 htownguy12
Feb '18

have you discussed it with the police department??

4catmom 4catmom
Feb '18

10 plus minutes is an absolute eternity. I can't be that long. 90 seconds seems very long. I often time certain lights that I encounter on my daily route. I am always surprised when it is only 90 or 120 seconds at the longest as it feels much, much longer.

If it is malfunctioning that badly I would call right then and there as so an accurate assessment of the timing control could be made

The light at Allen Rd and Corey Rd (?)
(Near movie theater) is same way. Very long and then 2 cars get thru. Same as 5 corners. Absolutely ridiculous!

Botheredbyuu2 Botheredbyuu2
Feb '18

I think it's the light at 57 and Nikitin Way.

10 minutes? LOL

There's a light like that to turn onto Rt. 31 at Van Syckles in Clinton. Seems like forever, but really is only about 2 1/2 minutes.

If time is that tight, why not leave earlier?

Calico696 Calico696
Feb '18

Same thing happened to us on Saturday. Traffic was backed all the way to Home Depot. Thought for sure the light was out, but then it finally turned green. Was at least five minutes that we waited. We didn't make the turn before it turned red again, but this time the wait was much shorter. So the problem appears to be sporadic.

colette colette
Feb '18

Maybe the intersection is on a physical loop detector (sensors in the pavement versus the new IR "camera" ones) and the first car at the light doesn't get close enough to trip it? Or, perhaps it's malfunctioning.

ianimal ianimal
Feb '18

I think that light has the inductive loop type of sensor.

It;s called a coffee and cake light,
the one by mamas and zanes is same thing
get your patience on :P

Feb '18

When I lived there up until last year I did notice it and when I was back to shop at weis a few weeks ago it happened-- and as you say people went ahead and turned on red because it was if the light was stuck. Didn't happen every time obviously, but I know what you mean. Its very noticeable. Perhaps someone should be contacted. On a few occasions, over the years, the light malfunctioned completely and a cop would come to direct.

Since 57 is a NJ State Highway, contact the DOT by either filling out the form below or calling 1.800.pothole. This applies for any state-route maintenance issue.

Feb '18

I think, because the light is regulating traffic on a State highway, you have to get in touch with the NJ State department that regulates traffic lights.
Also, I wrote letters to the Mansfield Township Committee several times about trying to make a left turn at the exit from the Shoprite/movie theater parking lot onto Allen Road. I suggested adding a delayed green on the Weis side so that cars trying to make the left turn on Allen Road (towards Rockport Road) would have a few seconds to turn before the cars lined up on Weis side started across. Never got any response.

Lonesome Dove Lonesome Dove
Feb '18

The 5 point light in comparison is timed where each of the three patterns is about 45 seconds. Total circuit time is a bit over 2 minutes. It may not be a lot of time if you've got some out of town 18 wheeler trying to make a right from Mountain Ave. But otherwise it moves as long as you stay alert.

That's no wheres near comparison to a 10 minute wait. If it really was that long, it's broken.

Greg - Yes at Mansfield village.
I'm talking about the other one at the movie theatre.

Botheredbyuu2 Botheredbyuu2
Feb '18

I am at this light often. It is definitely malfunctioning. It is not all the time. And it is almost 10 mins when it happens.

Worried Worried
Feb '18

It's usually Sunday morning that this happens the most.

Yesimpc Yesimpc
Feb '18

Again, you need to advise the NJDOT of the timing issue. The steps on contacting them is in my earlier post.

Feb '18

I've notice this several times at Rt. 57/Mansfield Village. I just avoid it whenever possible. I guess I'm not alone.

Mrs. Pipes Mrs. Pipes
Feb '18

I guess I've gotten lucky. I'm at that light often and have never experienced this glitch.

Aquarius Aquarius
Feb '18

Another problem in Hackettstown is the light at Grand ave. Only about five cars get through. I contacted the HPD on that no response.

It may have been repaired. I have been able to time the light accurately twice now. It has been exactly 60 seconds each time. I timed it while waiting on Nikitin Way turning left onto 57. Both times it was midday. I had tried to time it a few other times but they were not complete cycles. They were 30- 45 seconds though.

Greg, I do believe it has been repaired. I passed by there a few days ago and saw 'something' being done. There were 2 men who had the metal box open that's on the side of the entrance into the Home Depo Weis parking lot and Mansfield Village at Rrt. 57. There was a work type vehicle (not sure whose) parked on the side of the road. I've been at that light since and it worked as it should. Yay!!

Mrs. Pipes Mrs. Pipes
February 24th

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