Traffic on 517 near Mattars

Anyone know what is going on here right now?

Spence Spence
Feb '18

Barring a UFO landing, I'm guessing perhaps a simple traffic accident..

car crash

Car accident at 517 and Cat Swamp, there were injuries according to Facebook.

Jersey Girl Jersey Girl
Feb '18

there was a crash near there earlier, a little after 6pm, at 517 and Cat Swamp Rds., a BMW and Jeep both totaled.

Reggie Voter Reggie Voter
Feb '18

lol Greg, they come back every 7 years --

-- sighted on Rt 517

happiest girl
Feb '18

My daughter was on 517 heading towards home in Hackettstown a bit after 6...She did not arrive home until almost 7 because of the traffic back-up due to this terrible accident. My prayers are with the people in those cars that hopefully they will be OK.

joyful joyful
Feb '18

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Re: Traffic on 517 near Mattars
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