Is Piggy's Deli under new management?

I went in today and the place looks the same (and smells just as good, with the bbq counter), but the staff was completely different. Not one familiar face...

Just wondering.

SayNoToAbuse SayNoToAbuse
January 22nd

That's a good thing. Prior staff was very rude and nasty.

Botheredbyuu2 Botheredbyuu2
January 23rd

And the prior staff loved to bash each other, encouraged by the owners, adding to a hateful environment.

Agree %100, incredibly rude, haven't been back in years.

I'm surprised by everyone's rude remarks. I have been going to Piggy's Deli for several years and have always found the food to be great. Also, the staff has ALWAYS been very pleasant and helpful. I always appreciate how friendly they are and they even remember my name.

I don't doubt the reports of rudeness, but I've never experienced it, and I've been going since they opened on the other side of Rt57.

I HAVE, however, experience incorrect orders in recent months... like a 50% rate of getting the order wrong (oil and vinegar instead of mayo, etc) The order we got sat was fine!

JeffersonRepub JeffersonRepub
January 23rd

real1 - I agree. I definitely would not classify the staff as rude - in fact, I'd say they're extra nice! And we go often, so I'm definitely surprised.

+1 on the nice staff comments. One of the main reasons I've consistently gone to Piggys is their service. I'm really suprised to hear otherwise and will continue to give them my business.

January 23rd

I always had pleasant experiences there, but yes, I’m the past few months there have been issues. Example: asked for a tuna salad sandwich and was asked what I meant by tuna salad. After I explained it was just like chicken salad only made with tuna, the next Thing he asked was what I meant by sandwich, I knew he’d get it wrong. Oy.

WomanUpSon WomanUpSon
January 23rd

I have been a sporadic customer of Piggy's going back to when they were in the location by the Starbucks. They have always been nice and courteous whenever I was there. I am also a pain in the ass customer as my wife is allergic to some things and also likes things in a certain way. They always listened to my preferences but I always found myself watching that they made things right as I am just that way LOL. The food is excellent and the service was good most of the time, Some had to be watched to make sure things went right but I have that issue in other places too.

I saw this post and can not believe what some are saying. I went there myself today as I have been a happy customer every single time and wanted to see for myself..and get some very yummy dinner :-)
The owners have not changed at all! Apart from some random new staff, which happens anywhere when some leave for college or whatever, everything is still the same.
The same amazing food! The same amazing staff who calls me by name and the same great service.
Please be careful when you start a rumor, especially for our local businesses. Go in and ask yourself next time. You will get the correct answer you are looking for and way faster.

LivingLifeLovingLife LivingLifeLovingLife
4 weeks ago

What rumor was started? A question was asked. A question is not a rumor. Be careful yourself when accusing someone of starting a rumor.

SayNoToAbuse SayNoToAbuse
4 weeks ago

This definitely had a rumour vibe to it.

CraftBeerBob CraftBeerBob
4 weeks ago

I'd take rude and nasty staff over the crumb at Adams Bagel in Budd Lake....

We've been loyal Piggy's customers since they were in the old location, across the street. Never a rude comment, never an incorrect order, never a bad sandwich.

I go there daily.. I've Never had an issue
Best food,Courteous service
With a laugh here and there..No problems
Great Place

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