Waterloo Road Closed 1/12

at Bilby - anyone know why?

There was a rollover accident last night blocking the road. Maybe it took out some utilities as well.

Several offices without power in the Trade Zone. When I see the big trucks on Waterloo Rd I often wonder if they should be taking that route. But it is pretty!

hktownie hktownie
1 week ago

hktownie, there's a large power outage in the area, not sure if it's related. Supposedly 20,000 affected in the area of ITC, 206, 46 (Homegoods plaza).

JCP&L substation problems. Heard it on WRNJ

Any ETA on restoration?

1 week ago

Jcpl website says 7pm. The shop rite in Byram is preparing for tomorrow. Anyone with info.. Please pipe in.

peder hollinghurst peder hollinghurst
1 week ago

Please pipe in...


scottso scottso
1 week ago

Byram shoprite still out of power?

Funny Darrin!! Mrs. Pipes here and cannot help. Sorry!!!

Mrs. Pipes Mrs. Pipes
1 week ago

I heard that they were forced to close the Great Meadows schools this morning due to a power failure. From the Rec Commission below.

Good morning,

We just received a call from the GMRSD that they have a power outage and are forced to closed the schools today. With that they are cancelling all after school activities and games for 1-2nd, 7-8th and men’s basketball .

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