Hackettstown in the News 2018

Let's start with a "false public alarm":


Reggie Voter Reggie Voter
1 week ago

We called that one right away. Is anyone really surprised that it was a lie?

Bessie, you are right, I remember a lot of people calling that a fake robbery.

Reggie Voter Reggie Voter
1 week ago

Hey, the guy was married, drunk and about to have to explain losing all his money to his wife......I'd go with armed uber assault too.

strangerdanger strangerdanger
1 week ago

Now that is a winner!

What a shame for this person...

Press Release(1/11/18): SCAM Alert And Warrant Arrests.

On 1/10/18 at approx. 1:12PM the Hackettstown Police received a scam complaint from a 78yro Hackettstown resident. The resident stated he was using an online company called CORE IT to fix and clean the internal workings of his computer for nearly two years. The address of the company was located in Sharjah a city in the United Arab Emirates. On 1/9/18 the victim received a phone call from Travis Carter saying that their business license expired, and he needed to refund money for the services they performed on the victim’s computer. The representative claimed that because their bank is not located in America, they would need to deposit a certain amount of money in the victim’s bank account and he will take the difference in gift cards. The victim then purchased $7,500 in Target gift cards. The victim called the company and he checked his bank account online and saw they deposited $12,000 into his account. The victim gave the company the gift card numbers. The victim then received a phone call from the company on 1/10/18 and they said to give them another $2,000 in gift cards or they would withdraw money from the victim’s checking and savings accounts. The victim went to the bank to change accounts and he was told that no one deposited $12,000 into his original account. It appears his computer was hacked, and the victim was looking at a fake online bank statement.
This type of scam is the first to be reported to our department and we want to make the public aware of this scam.

Greg, I just read the story about that. Such a shame. I hope that when I'm 78, someone will be around to protect me against stuff like this.


That's awful to hear. Why can't these numbskulls get an actual job and stop preying on people?

Calico696 Calico696
1 week ago

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