Best Jelly Donuts

I am wondering where the best place to get jelly donuts is in the Hackettstown area. I need them for Friday.
Thanks in advance!

Not in Hackettstown but in Washington, Muheisen's Bakery’s jelly donuts are really good.

3wbdwnj 3wbdwnj
Dec '17

I was just thinking a few weeks back about a good jelly donut. My father used to go on Sundays to a bakery in Netcong to get those little round bits of heaven.

Not near here --- but for future reference if you are by Flemington, there is an Amish Market --- someone will help me with the name --- I think something like Dutch County?? I got some donuts there and they were just AWESOME !!!!!!!!!!!!

happiest girl
Dec '17

Re: Best Jelly Donuts

Sorry I can't help but this post takes me back to being a kid and getting the BEST jelly donuts (Can't forget the sticky buns either!) at Worthington's Bakery and Deli on Route 206 in Sandyston Twp up by Stokes in Sussex County. Not sure what's there these days but the original owners passed away in the early- mid 2000's and the building was put up for sale.

Weis in Flanders and all donuts are $.39 ... can't beat them... Shop Rite also... no decent bakeries in the Hackettstown area... need to travel East... not so much for Dunkin anymore

Dec '17

Easton Baking Company has great donuts.

Calico696 Calico696
Dec '17

Adam's in Budd Lake make donuts but not always the same kinds or specifically jelly donuts. You could ask what they have. Make sure they're fresh because they don't always sell their baked goods quickly.

Beignet's in Denville if you're going to travel.

The Jelly Donuts at Weis( Mansfield) are very good. Just be sure to get them freshly baked that morning.

Dec '17

Not around here of course but hands down the best jelly donuts are at Tim Hortons. I think the closest one is in Bridgewater. Definitely worth the trip!

Dec '17

Picked up a jelly donut at Nykuns the other week waiting for the tree people to open. It was awesome- heavy with jelly:)

Blackcat Blackcat
Dec '17

Thank you for all your suggestions. I ordered 2 1/2 dozen from Muheisen bakery. I'll let you know how they are after Friday!

2 1/2 dozen? Sounds like a stomachache. ;-) Enjoy and let us know how you like them.

Calico696 Calico696
Dec '17

Weiss in Mansfield has pretty good donuts - never had the jelly but they are good.

Haha, Calico!! Alas, I never got to try one as the event I needed them for was cancelled due to the weather last night.
I called Muheisen Bakery to say I couldn't pick them up but was willing to pay for the order and they were kind enough to say that I didn't need to pay.
Thanks again for all your help!

Absolutely the best ever was Worthingtons Bakery on 206 in Sandyston NJ

John K Kweselait John K Kweselait
Jul '19

Muheisen's :)
Washington NJ

PS Easton Baking Co. is permanently closed now.

Iris- how did the crowd like Muheisen's?

If you're refering to Iris's post 2 years ago - it says she didn't pick them up because of weather.

Jul '19

"Absolutely the best ever was Worthingtons Bakery on 206 in Sandyston NJ"

You know it John K Kweselait!!! As I echo'd a few posts above back from 2017.

I sure hope the now deceased owners of Worthington's didn't take that jelly donut recipe with them to their graves.

Giancarlo's Bakery and Italian Restaurant across from Barnes and Noble in Succusunna. They have fabulous cookies, pastries and cakes. Danish and doughnuts are sooooo good. Get there early for the doughnuts and danish. They sell out quick. I had a boston creme this past week that i had to sit down and eat with a knife and fork because it was so filled with creme. You won't believe their cakes and pies.

Angela Angela
Jul '19

Becca's (Amish) inside the Dutch Country Farmers Market in Flemington. Amazing donuts.
Only open Th / Fri / Sat. Check Dutch Country Farmers Market website for hours and coupons.

happiest girl
Jul '19

Becca is a very nice lady and her doughnuts are wonderful. I like their apple cider doughnuts along with the chocolate and blueberry cake doughnuts. Her corn bread is good. Sometimes has blueberry or cranberry corn bread. Sticky buns. Shoo fly pies. Head on over to produce for a home made smoothie for $4.50.
Check out Giancarlo's "just once". I guarantee you will be back. Check out their website.

Angela Angela
Jul '19

Giancarlo’s also make dynamite, authentic Italian Pastries.
And to answer the “best jelly donut”.
It’s the one I don’t eat.
Just the aroma causes a 3 lb gain for me.

Stymie Stymie
Jul '19

Does anyone know if someone saved the recipe for those fabulous jelly doughnuts from Worthingtons bakery in Sandyston township, NJ at Lake Kittatiny?

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