The price of movies

went to the movies in Hackettstown.two adults and two children $46 DOLLARS.can that be right.

If you go on Tuesdays, it's $6 per person and a large popcorn is $5, plus a free refill.

Angie White Angie White
Dec '17

How else do you think they can pay the actor's exorbitant salaries?

JeffersonRepub JeffersonRepub
Dec '17

Ridiculous right. But that is the going rate here locally. More expensive the further East you go.

CraftBeerBob CraftBeerBob
Dec '17

Haven't been to the movies in's quite the cash grab. There are much better ways to spend that money. Can always wait for the movie to be available in home. They do have to pay the stars those high rates somehow though.

Route 46
Dec '17

Amc has $5 Tuesday’s if your a stubs member..which is free to join. You also get a popcorn and soda for an additional $5.

True that some stars are well paid, but the real money goes to the producers...a film that costs $50M to make and grosses $200M, for example- the stars aren't getting the difference.

Yankeefan Yankeefan
Dec '17

Movie theater popcorn: 1,275% markup. Theaters know that viewers will pay more for movie snacks, so they hike the prices up: A bag of popcorn that costs 37 cents to make can easily sell for $5.


Botheredbyuu2 Botheredbyuu2
Dec '17

Free at your local library and usually a 3-7 day borrow. Easy to renew from home to avoid late fees.

Not necessarily true, CraftBeerBob. I was looking up movies the other day on Fandango. The Cinepolis in Succusunna was around $9 for an adult. The Mansfield theater was $13! I was surprised.

Tracy Tracy
Dec '17

Because they are in the popcorn business at this point - the movie is just the draw. Theatres pay on average 70% of the box receipts to the production companies.

Skippy Skippy
Dec '17

I sneak food in and I try to go on bargain days. AMC the first showing is usually cheap.

Metsman Metsman
Dec '17

Was kind of shocked at the ticket price at Cinepolis - senor price was $9 and change -
However Three Billboards was amazing, disturbing, thought provoking

4catmom 4catmom
Dec '17

I haven't been to Cinepolis since we saw 'Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them'. Because they searched my bag. We usually bring water bottles from home and pay for just popcorn. If I can't bring in a water I won't go there.

hktownie hktownie
Dec '17

Searching bags at a movie theater? That seems a bit over the top. I assume they have signs posted stating their outside food and drink policy?

No bag search and no comment about my water bottle in Mansfield

4catmom 4catmom
Dec '17

"Because they searched my bag."

If they find something (food/drink), just tell them it's medically necessary.

Just went to a Broadway show in NYC over Thanksgiving and they also searched bags. The usher (upon finding snacks, drinks, etc. in my sister's bag) just said "No outside food allowed... unless there's a medical reason (wink, wink)". My sister just said her kids had "allergies" and they were waved through.

That also kept them distracted enough to let me walk through with my pocket knife without getting the metal detector wand (or any type of search for that matter)...

Mark Mc. Mark Mc.
Dec '17

6.95 Tuesdays at Cineopolis - can't beat it.

No outside food or drink is for insurance purposes.

yes, to insure they make 1275% profit.

LMAO- So true CBGB.

"meem" is correct.

While Cinepolis now advertises "Special Limited Time Pricing" on Tuesdays on their website, as of about 2 months ago the $6 became $6.95 and the people there claimed that it was because they now had to collect tax, a complete lie, since it was broken out in the ticket already (as $5.61 + $0.39 tax earlier in the year [July}, then by Sept. $6 + $0.41tax) It's now $6.50 + $0.45tax for a total of $6.95 per adult ticket on Tuesday. I collect tickets from the movies I go to, so it's hard to explain away printed evidence.

I could accept someone saying that they couldn't keep up the old $6 pricing, but that they were raising the price slowly and in stages, but to have both the Box Office person AND the person at the concession stand tell me the same thing and the 2nd one actually telling me it "was a new law" and that they were collecting greater tax on tickets (as in $0.95 tax on $6 as compared to $0.41 on the $6 popcorn) was complete and utter BS, rather than just saying the ticket price had gone up to $6.50.

The Large popcorn is now $6 + tax on Tuesday as well, rather than $5

Between those things and the fact they no longer have a listing of what movies they're playing on the side facing rt. 57 it's no wonder I rarely see many vehicles in their lot as compared to how it used to be. While I posted the link to their movie schedule website, I know that even more people have mentioned to me that they're unhappy with not knowing what's playing when they went by. It seemed to help draw people in if something they wanted to see was posted there.

Phil D. Phil D.
Dec '17

Get a firestick and watch it @ home

Dec '17

Been going to Mansfield every Tuesday for over a year now. It's still reasonable for the movies (but we did get the same lie about the taxes). If they would just improve the property it would be great. Some simple floor cleaning and making sure the surround sound speakers work in all theaters would be a good start. C'mon Cineopolis make this place worth visiting and more people will come.

They don't search bags anymore cuz it seems their staff is pretty limited. Sometimes we have to buy our theater tickets at the concession stand.

*IF*- and a big IF we go to the movies anymore- we go to the dine in theater at Bridgewater.

If you get the early- grab a drink at the bar outside the movie. Then go inside and order another drink and food. :)

Seats are better than Mansfield. Don't get me started on the 1 and only time I ever went to the Washington theater... oh boy..

Bring back the Strand or the Mall theater....

My wife used to work at the strand / good times

Skippy Skippy
Dec '17

I was just talking about the Strand the other day. I remember seeing Mr. Magoo's Christmas Carol there in 1962. During the movie the popcorn and soda were free.The show was free to all the kids in Hackettstown. At the end we all received goody bags filled with Christmas candy (hard), candy canes and an orange. And our parents didn't have to escort us, it was kids only. Wouldn't it be grand if our kids could enjoy something so simple as a free movie this time of year.

auntiel auntiel
Dec '17

Little tip: ask for a courtesy cup at concession, and fill up with water from the water fountain. Not the best tasting, but you won't have to pay for a basic commodity.

I worked there in the Clearview Days, and would sometimes get in trouble for letting people through with heir own snacks, but I've always done it myself so really couldn't bring myself to enforce the no outside food and beverages rule. *sorry, management?

I would cringe at the price of tickets then (over a decade ago), plus the money families would drop at concession. The concession is where theatre actually get their money from.

Clearviewchild Clearviewchild
Dec '17

+1 on Three Billboards, 4cat. Excellent. Francis McDormand is a national treasure. Great job by Woody as well.

Yankeefan Yankeefan
Dec '17

It's a two-hour movie (maybe 2 1/2), why do you have to eat and/or drink anything?

Lonesome Dove Lonesome Dove
Dec '17

Movie theaters are going the way of blockbuster video - studios are pushing to move to direct streaming and closing theatrical windows

Skippy Skippy
Dec '17

Firstly, there isn't a seat in that theater by Shoprite worth a dollar...not as long as the AMC in Rockaway exists.

Sign up for the AMC stubs reward program. I think it's $10/year.
Tuesdays are $5 per person all day; discounts on popcorn and soda.

For every $100 you spend, you get $10 free. That's 2 IMAX viewings for a family of 4.

Purchase discounted tickets at Costco for AMC.

emaxxman emaxxman
Dec '17

Agreed.We stood in the cow corral (moo-ve along very slowly) at AMC for maybe a minute then it occurred to me no one else was using the automated credit card ticket machines at the counter.About 3 minutes later we had our tickets and were on our way in , only because it took about 8 swipes to work,still 6.51(before noon matinee price) per ticket , same as buying from the person working the counter.The only gripe I have about that place is that the old built into the wall automated ticket machines they used to have worked better. Crapopolis says "Whut's an aut-ee-oh-mated tick-ee-ett mo-sheen?" "We is still a-trying to replace the worn out carpet here that was bought cheap left over from the 1964 Atlantic City Convention Hall." "Anyone want to buy some slightly stale poppin' corn from Dick Nixon's 1972 re-uh-leck-sheeun ?"

realitycheek realitycheek
Dec '17

2 adults $13.09 each
2 kids $9.89 each.

So its $46, if you have intention to go to the movies a lot sign up for moviepass its $10 a month, and you can see 1 movie a day, but you need a smartphone to use the service, and its a $10 /month/person

I have signed up last month and its awesome, there is a few hiccups but so far so good

Tinkodinko Tinkodinko
Dec '17

Tinkodinko, how many movies can you see per month for the $10 a month?? Does it have a restriction or does different theaters have a restriction??

Angelina White Angelina White
Dec '17

@Angelina white right now the service advertise you can see one movie a day (2d only no 3D, Imax..), you can go to Cinepolis , AMC ....
Moviepass is like Netflix for Movie theaters.
One thing to keep in mind the company has been around since 2010 I think, they just dropped the price of the service from $30/month to $10

Call me crazy, but few weeks ago, they run a promotion for an annual plan for $90, which i took advantage off.

Also check out

Tinkodinko Tinkodinko
Dec '17

Get a movie pass - $9.95 a month for any theater, any movie, any day
An iphone or android phone is required to use moviepass.

MoviePass is NOT for any theater, any movie.

It is select movie theaters (though most in our area seem to accept according to website) and it's for 2D movies only.

UserFriendly UserFriendly
Dec '17

Yeah, for $10/month almost 30 2D movies(you can watch a movie more then once), its not good enough for userfreindly

Tinkodinko Tinkodinko
Dec '17

That Moviepass seems good for retirees only... I f movie theaters are going to survive people have to be willing to drop some money, there is quite a bit of overhead.

And not just on admission - those deals are either valid only after the split goes in favor of the theatre or they’re subsidizing the box

Skippy Skippy
Dec '17

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