PO mailbox-American Legion Willow Grove

Used to be a blue PO mailbox at MOB next to hospital until everyone moved out. Then they put one in the parking lot of American Legion on Willow Grove St.Went to mail letters today and POOF....GONE! Where did it go ??

MKbabynurse MKbabynurse
Dec '17

I recommend calling these folks to get the answer.

Hackettstown Post Office

800-ASK-USPS® (800-275-8777)
Phone 908-852-3535
Fax 650-577-4018

Oh no! I just mailed some bills yesterday in that box!!!! Wish it would come back!

Luckygirl Luckygirl
Dec '17

I don't think I've used an actual mailbox in years. I either take mail to work with me and the mailman picks it up when he delivers or I put in my own mailbox with the flag up. I seem to recall that many mailboxes were removed after 9/11 due to bomb and antrhax scares.

Calico696 Calico696
Dec '17

Non use drove their decision as well from what I understand.

Steven Steven
Dec '17

There is a new USPS drop box on Musky Ridge, across from the hospital/just off of willow grove street.

Harris Harris
Dec '17

I used to wonder if that Legion Mailbox was an actual USPS box. Thought perhaps they used it for something else.

Maybe that's why low volume? People just not sure if it was a 'real' mailbox.

hktownie hktownie
Dec '17

There is a similar box at the Legion to collect retired American flags.

The American Legion flag box is White. The Postal box is the traditional Blue.

I liked the one at the legion because you could pull up to it and put mail in it as the driver. Bummed it's gone.

Sunshine Sunshine
Dec '17

That box at the legion is not a collection box.

Beverly Beverly
Dec '17

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