Dog on Rockport Rd.

There is a loose black & white dog on rockport road right by airport road. Looks like a board collie, not sure though. I tried to call the dog over to me, but he ran away. I hope this gets to his owners. I called and left a message with animal control.

I hope it's not Romeo's brother. ..... Hope his owner gets found soon!

Hackresident Hackresident
December 4th

Any updates?

Nature Lover Nature Lover
December 6th

Romeo and owners lived on Rockport Road, too per posts.

Hackresident Hackresident
December 6th

I'm curious what Romeo has to do with this?

Calico696 Calico696
December 6th

did anyone get the dog?

Waldo's mom Waldo's mom
December 6th

i looked up information on the net, and somewhere i saw that Romeo lived on a farm with other dogs and animals, and it was on Rockport Road as said by Gene. That's all!

Hackresident Hackresident
December 6th

Got it. I thought you knew something we didn't.

Calico696 Calico696
December 6th

Gene, Romeo's Guardian (?), posted this on 11/6/17 : (sure wish we knew if Romeo is doing okay......)

"A good 10 miles. So, I'd be skeptical if it weren't for 3 independent sightings by people who were up close enough to see him clearly and identify him by our pictures. We are still searching closer to home (Beattystown, Route 57 was the last confirmed sighting near home). Home is Rockport Road, just west of the tunnel.

Gene Sheninger Gene Sheninger ‚úČ
November 6th"

Hackresident Hackresident
December 6th

I just sighted what I think was the same dog the OP mentioned. It looked like a Border Collie, but with more white on the back than most I've seen. I was coming back from the Washington DMV & spotted it in the middle of the field across from 440 Rockport. It was limping with what seemed to be an injury to a rear leg or paw. By the time I'd turned at the next road to come back and check further, it had disappeared. I think it had gotten to the area where the stream separates that field from the one next to the farmhouse. I turned back around at the church & drove back by both fields slowly, but couldn't spot it again. I hope it's ok, going to be getting much colder out & with the limp not likely to be able to outrun a predator.

Are there Facebook pages that list missing animals in our area? I'm wondering if the dog might be reported missing on one of them, and we/Phil could possibly alert the dog's owner to this most recent sighting? (I'm appallingly Facebook challenged or I would look myself.)


I'm currently checking on:

also checking with:

but don't see any listings for a lost dog like that so far.

Unfortunately, the

page has a video in the body of it that I can't close which blocks most of the area to be able to read the listings.

"Driver" did mention that they called animal control, but I guess nobody reported the furry one missing or they belong to a local family there (which seems a bit doubtful, especially since it seems injured).

Thank you for finding all the relevant pages and looking through them, Phil!

Maybe the ACO does now know of the owner...? Wondering if she should be called, although I think the local ACOs do check this site.

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