Professional home organizer services

Has anyone utilized and could recommend a local professional for home organization systems...

Townies Townies
6 days ago

Highly recommend Lisa - owner of Clutter Management, LLC

6 days ago

What do they charge for a fee ?

We can supply professional home organization.

Let our OCD work for you. 7 years in the business, fully insured, plenty of references, locally owned company plus free estimates. Our prices are competitive.

Beachee Clean Beachee Clean
6 days ago

I think Rebecka mentioned an excellent organizer a while back. Maybe she will chime in with details.

positive positive
6 days ago

What dictates "the rate" ?

Is rate hourly ?

Priced by the day , the room ?

Fully insured for and against what ?

Guess I am not clear on what qualifies a n organizer ..

"Professional organizing is an industry that has been developed in order to help individuals/businesses design systems and processes using organizing principles Professional organizers create and maintain systems by teaching others the basic principals of "SPACE", interpreted as: S=Sort, P=Purge, A=Assign, C=Containerize and E=Equalize.The "E" is monitoring how the new system is working, adjusting it if needed, and maintaining it.".

"According to, professional organizers in the tri-state area typically charge $80 - $100 per hour."

I have not one - but two - wonderful organizers (our house is a bit of a beast). Let me just get their permission to see what contact info I should post here, or if I should PM you. Both ladies are gems; they can actually make organizing fun.

Rebecka Rebecka
5 days ago

Highly recommend Lisa at Clutter Management, LLC!

weebiekins weebiekins
5 days ago

Hi. My name is Lisa and I own and operate Clutter Management. Please check out my FB page at
I charge $25 an hour. I believe everyone should have the chance to declutter and get organized. It is such a peaceful environment when the house isn't overflowing with unnecessary items. I work one-on-one with my clients to declutter, purge and get organized around their home. I don't install shelving and organizing systems myself. But I do recommend them and offer my advice on them. I can also refer you to a handyman if needed. You can reach me through my Facebook page or my email is

Lisa Hodierne Lisa Hodierne
5 days ago

Hi Lisa - so how much would, say a de-clutter and organize for 2 large rooms cost? I guess my question is really more of approximately how many hours would it take to totally declutter, organize and be shown how to maintain organization of two large rooms (office and spare/storage room?

If you're looking for affordable home organizer services, try Organized Luxury. My fees are by the hour with no contract. No job is too small. I live in Warren County. or

So again, I ask, how many hours are we talking about? What I would really like to know is how many hours an average cluttered up office or bedroom takes to get totally organized.

$25 per hour means nothing to someone who has no idea what goes into organizing. It could aso include moving furniture around, purchasing shelving and boxes, going through every slip of paper, getting a dumpster, learning how to file papers correctly.... This could take days or weeks, right?

Heidi - I think it would be hard for someone to give you a quote without seeing the exact situation they would be dealing with. Also, organizers can either teach you how to do something (such as filing), and get you started in the right direction, or be present for the entire process and do it with you. It's entirely up to you! You certainly don't need to commit to hiring someone full-time for days or weeks. You call them, have them come out and show them the present state of affairs, and simply explain what you'd like. If you have a budget you need to stay within, just explain this to them, and they'll tell you what they believe they can accomplish for that amount of money. I don't know of any home service providers who can reliably give you estimates without seeing the job at hand! :-)

One of the wonderful women I've worked with is Stacy, who posts on HL as "antimony." Stacy gets more done in 3 hours than I could in 3 weeks! She is very efficient, but somehow never makes me feel rushed. She is also very hands-on, and if there is a process that can be done without needing your input, she can handle the whole thing herself (which I personally love!). Her upbeat, happy energy makes her a pleasure to have over, too. She gets a kick out of organizing, and you can really tell! Her text/call number is 914-282-5040.

I also work with another organizer, Sherry, who helps me with a different kind of organization - life! She definitely does home organizing, but when I see her, it's more about discussing life goals, upcoming projects, etc. She helps me prioritize the many irons I like to have on the fire at all times, and kind of cleans out my head. I've described her as a "therapist" for balanced but busy people, or people like me who tend to have too many project ideas. If anyone would like her contact info, just PM me.

Rebecka Rebecka
4 days ago

Thanks Rebecka!

Thanks Rebecka!

Heidi, I sent you a PM.

Antimony Antimony
3 days ago


Rebecka, Sherry is also a wonderful person as well as an amazing organizer!!

Hallelujah Hallelujah
2 days ago

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