NJ Motor Vehicle Inspection

Has anyone been to Washington lately for an Auto Inspection?

Is it just moe or is there only 1 piece of hardware in that old building?

What exactly do they test anymore?

Lights, no? Brakes, no? Gas Pressure, no? Anything???

Edward Edward
Nov '17

The following link from the NJ Motor Vehicle Commission will answer all of your questions.


its a joke! Take note in parking lots how many people are driving around on bald tires! I am sure this is due to the fact that they no long check for any safety equipment on vehicles at inspection stations anymore.

2 cents 2 cents
Nov '17

I feel certain safety inspections should be once again be conducted. I was speaking to the person who was testing the emissions on my car a few weeks back and he felt the same. He told me he recently had a car in for inspection and noticed both rear wheels were missing lug nuts. When he told the driver they had no idea! That is a safety issue.The point is many people simply are not aware of certain issues while others just let it ride. I actually have a clipboard in one of my vehicles that I wrote "brake light (s) out". I can't tell you how many times I have held that up to another motorist alerting them.

To leave inspecting the equipment to the police to "monitor" is not the answer. If one does not get stopped for any reason then no one is truly inspecting the vehicle.Of course it generates revenue if the officer is simply giving out equipment violation tickets. But to alert a motorists of certain issues should outweigh all else.

In nj, they only check emissions on vehicles unless it’s commercial, Livery or omnibus. Those get a full inspection of the vehicle.

Nov '17

The State should conduct safety inspections, Drivers do not check the tires, they dont check the brakes, they dont check for burnt out lights, even the horn,, cars are so sophisticated now the driver thinks they dont have to do anything, wrong, I'm from Connecticut and the quality of the cars on the road in NJ is far superior to the junks on the road in Connecticut with no safety inspection. Safety inspections are important ,,,,

Bluefish Ed Bluefish Ed
Nov '17

With inspection's minimal at best , it is only a matter of time before the insurance industry raises our rates to offset the onset of claims that will follow the neglect of one's vehicle.

I spoke w/ someone today, told them I had put new rotors and pads on my vehicle......the asked " why would I change the rotors ?" ( and these same people have children ! )

Steven Steven
Nov '17

Inspection wouldn't tell you you need new rotors any way and cars I belive its 94 or 95 don't need inspection or if the gvw is ten thousands or more don't go eather

the only reason they still do admissions testing in new jersey is so they can keep getting money from the federal government under the air pollution act when they started the inspection system the registration cost was to off set the cost of inspection when they stop testing for safety did they lower the cost for registration no

Caged Animal Caged Animal
Nov '17

l4i you are incorrect. Refer to the PDF I posted above for accurate information.

Replacing Rotors is part of normal maintenance to maintain safe operation of your vehicle.........

.Just can't force someone to have common sense to keep safe.

Likely same one that says "I have all season tires, it's ok to go out in 6" + of snow on the roads.."

Steven Steven
Nov '17

I would like to think that the same people who don't know they are missing lug nuts, or the same people who don't know about rotors are taking their cars in for regular maintenance at a shop who would inform them of these issues.

Darrin Darrin
Nov '17

Caged animal nailed it...money grab...and in think it's funny they also bang you for 4 years registration up front on a new car.. If you sell it in 2 years they keep the registration money

Nov '17

+1 Caged Animal. NJ Inspection is a JOKE, and should be discontinued.

I'd like to know how many taxpayer dollars could be saved by eliminating the vehicle inspection program (only 17 states have annual vehicle inspections anyway, must not be too important).

As for "safety issues", just more big brother. Protecting people from their own stupidity is pointless (and costs money). While I understand the concern about people with "bald tires" and "brake issues", you simply can't legislate away ignorance, stupidity, and apathy. Just because a car's tires pass the "tread test" today doesn't mean they won't be in the "failure zone" a mere MONTH from now... yet it'll take 11 more months to be discovered. It's pointless, it's a money grab, it should be discontinued.

JeffersonRepub JeffersonRepub
Nov '17

Everything in NJ is a money grab. That's why this state sucks...

Metsman Metsman
Nov '17

I think, before I made a decision for or against vehicle inspections, I would want to see a lot of statistics. Number of failed vehicles, what they failed for, types/ages of vehicles failed, number of crashes due to faulty vehicles, number of police stops for faulty vehicles, how it could affect insurance rates, cost to taxpayers and drivers, etc., etc., etc. It's easy to say, "It's a waste to pay $20 for this!" But if it is ultimately going to reduce your car insurance by $20 AND make the roads safer, then it would seem worth it.

And THAT is what the government is supposed to be doing--collecting and evaluating those statistics; making careful, calculated decisions based on that data; and informing the public about the reasons for those decisions.

JerseyWolf JerseyWolf
Nov '17

Hi. I know it's an old thread, but does anyone know of a local station that's efficient and nice that does state inspections? Interstate is closed and they were nice and cheap. I called on that was kind of rude. I've checked online, but would like to know locals that have used one. Thanks
I appreciate the information.

2 weeks ago

I have used Hoff's automotive on Grand Ave twice for inspections, they were efficient and it was very easy.

There’s one in Washington called dmv, go online, make appt, takes less than a service station and its free.

And for the naysayers here, go online and you can see the clean ahr results of your tax dollars.

Strangerdanger Strangerdanger
2 weeks ago

StrangerDanger is right. No need to spend a dime on a station. It's already paid for in your registration so just take it to DMV and it's free. Washington DMV is appointment only so you go through in like 15 mins tops.

Thank you rleaf. I appreciate the answer.

1 week ago

Went to Newton - no appointment - in and out -

4catmom 4catmom
1 week ago

4catmom - thanks so much. That will be convenient on the way home. I had no idea.

1 week ago

Wow. I know nothing about cars. I thought when I got my car inspected, if it passed, my brakes must still be good, and my tires too, and my steering....So they don't care about these things any more?
Seems like they should. If someone crashes because their brakes were no good, people could die.

Keri, when my car is serviced, brakes and tires are checked among many other things...I hope the same is done for your car

4catmom 4catmom
1 week ago

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