Summer Basketball AAU Team/Possible Tournament

Good Afternoon Ladies and Gentlemen,

My name is Rakeem...most of you know me as Rec league basketball coach for Hackettstown...well i'm reaching out to try and get some feelers and maybe have someone on here to point me in the right direction in town...looking to host a Summer League outdoor basketball tournament next year in Doctors park(they're the only park I know around here that would potentially have enough seating for everyone, and enough courts to play on)with the profits going to charity...thinking breast cancer or food for the homeless...Anyone with any ideas on the direction i can take to get sponsors and clearance from town or who i need to speak with in regards to scheduling?

All assistance would be greatly appreciated...Thanks

Rakeem Rakeem
Oct '17

you would need to reach out to the Hackettstown Rec Dept to get permission to use their courts and for scheduling to make sure there is no scheduling conflicts.

Also, just an FYI the park is called Riverfront Park not Doctor's park. Doctor's Park is the medical complex prior to the entrance of the actual park

Jim L. Jim L.
Oct '17

Thanks Jim L.....i really appreciate the info

Rakeem Rakeem
Oct '17

A nice idea would be to have people bring food to donate as well, maybe for a food pantry? My 15 year old would be interested in playing if you do this, if you are going to have that age group.

Birdie Birdie
Oct '17

If you want sponsors, talk to the BID.

you could also talk to independence, which has 3 basketball courts and a slight hill so easier for people to watch, and has a pavilion for food. they have made field of dreams / green acres available for other events (field hockey, softball, baseball tournaments, summer events, walk-a-thons, etc.)

good luck

ken e
Oct '17

Thank you everyone for all the suggestions...greatly appreciated!!!!

Rakeem Rakeem
Oct '17

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