Plumber Recommendation - Drain cleanout

Our kitchen sink isn't draining anymore, I've taken the entire drain apart and ran the snake down the pipe to no avail. The clog appears to be quite far down the pipe but a couple of hard bends make it impossible to snake any further.

There is a cleanout cap on that particular line (I'm guessing someone else had this problem in the past) but as I've already dumped a bunch of drain cleaner into the pipe, I really don't want to open that cap.

I need someone that will come out tomorrow but won't charge a ton of money or try to upsell a bunch of stuff we don't need.

Anyone have any great suggestions?

MikeGuida MikeGuida
Oct '17

Frank's Plumbing 852-7324
I've used them for 30+ years, and they have been great to me, and have always come quickly when I needed them.

Lonesome Dove Lonesome Dove
Oct '17

Danny Schulaka many not be able to get there quickly, he's usually all booked up.

Nick Schulaka has more than one plumber and is very good about same day service. However, they do have a min charge. Last I knew the min was $75 and covers an hours work. They haven't tried to sell me stuff, but when I had a small job the guy offered to take a look at any other issue I had. And as long as it didn't need parts, it would be included in the minimum anyway.

You might try Gallagher's and see if they have a minimum.

Plumb Crazy: Kevin Kaiser: 973-945-4784.

He unclogged our sink and saved my mother-in-laws' necklace. Ends up my daughter's glitter was the root cause!

Nick Schulaka. Excellent.

Oct '17

Francos Drain Cleaners....908-238-1880--He even does sewer drains...We used him for a similar problem.

joyful joyful
Oct '17

Nolan Plumbing, Vienna, NJ.. Reasonable prices, wont sell you anything you don't need. Does great work. He can be tied up at times, but very trustworthy. Used him many times the last 30 years.

Boobalaa Boobalaa
Oct '17

Ron Dill is my go to plumber. Super trustworthy, really explains everything to you. Responds to calls promptly.

(908) 892-6882

JrzyGirl88 JrzyGirl88
Oct '17

Bob Richards...VERY honest , VERY reasonable and does top notch work

Oct '17

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