Middle school carpooling

Would like to find help to carpool my son to middle school mornings and or afternoon's. We live on East Prospect street and are new to town.
We already looked into taxi service but havent decided if that's besr option. Our son is in 5th grade and hes a very polite kid ! :)
Appreciate any offers and suggestions !

EastProspect st mom EastProspect st mom
Sep '17


I'm a mature, caring and very reliable mother of 2 grown sons who lives near Target in Hackettstown.

I've driven kids to school in the past, but currently I'm just watching 2 girls (ages 10 & 13) after school in Long Valley. I would only be able to drive mornings & Monday afternoons. Please let me know if you might be interested. Reasonable rate.

Feel free to call me at 908-619-8321.

Joyce Joyce
Sep '17

Hi, I got yur email from Rose eskow concerning this car pool? I'm not too far from East prospect, on Alexandria dr. Let me know when we can discuss ok?

Sep '17

I take care of a boy in the middle school in 7th grade I can drive to and from and my prices are very good please call me at 908-442-0778

Thank you for everyone's offers and responses. We've arranged carpooling with a very close by neighbor, but will keep other's numbers on hand, and refer if we ever meet anyone else in need of rides ! :)

Spiritual P Spiritual P
Sep '17

A fifth grader could walk.

My friends and I grew up in that area of town and walked to school all the time. Builds memories, friendship, and character.

Give it a try!

Becky Thatcher
Sep '17

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