Good salad in town?

Can't find a good salad please help !

Sep '17

Go to the Sub Shack on Main St. They will make you a great salad anyway you want it and it is so reasonable...

joyful joyful
Sep '17

What an awful question. What are you looking for in a salad and where have you tried to have one that you do not consider good? Salads at salad bars in most places have more than enough items to make any salad good. As long as it is fresh there is wide variance in what you can put in your own salad. Almost every restaurant in town offers salads of various persuasions. What have you tried and found lacking so we would have an idea of what you are looking for?

Black stone bar and grill!!

I'm looking for a salad like cheese cake factory not like the local pizza places where it's some foxy lettuce and some crappy tomatoes.
Panera bread has good salads but looking for something else sorry mk you must not get out much . I heard black stone good will have to try ty .

Sep '17

Panther Pub
SALT in Bryan

Think outside the chains and pizzerias.

Radiate Radiate
Sep '17

I remember Hackettstown Sandwich Shoppe's Caesar salad with their homemade croutons. That was exceptional... completely useless to the OP since they've been gone a very long time, but exceptional nonetheless.

ianimal ianimal
Sep '17

Wish we had a place like Chopt - closest one is in Florham Park next to Trader Joe's.

The revamped salad bar at Ruby Tuesdays is pretty decent.

Sep '17

C & L Subs on main street is good make any salad you want. They have a different salad on special everyday. I love there chef salads.

Roxanne Roxanne
Sep '17

Definitely the Salt Salad at Salt in Byram.

Blackcat Blackcat
Sep '17

Thank you for your concern Tommy but I get out as often as I like. Good means different things to different people and I am sorry if my asking for clarification upset you.

I like the poppy spinach salad at the hackettstown diner :)
Is that ok ? @ MK!!

Terrytu Terrytu
Sep '17

Terrytu, I know what diner you are refering to. The actual Hackettstown Diner on rt 46 burnt down a good while ago. You are referring to the RiverStar Diner on rt57. They have good food there.

Mansfield mama Mansfield mama
Sep '17

All you can do is laugh, Tommy. And be glad you are not bitter and angry. :-)

Jesse341 Jesse341
Sep '17

The Romano salad at Franks on stiger is awesome! Romain, seasoned grilled chicken, canelli beans, grilled mushrooms, roasted red peppers, fresh mozz. I like with either their balsamic (creamy and mild) or creamy italian.

Mrs.K Mrs.K
Sep '17

I go to Frank's in Mansfield and order the grilled chicken salad. It has fresh greens, roasted peppers, olives, grilled chicken.

Sherry Sherry
Sep '17

Go to Sams club buy the huge bag of chopped washed romaine lettuce get other veggies while there and make your own

Sep '17

Go with a lettuce, tomato, carrot, olives (green or black..your choice) and other vegetables. Roquefort dressing on the side for taste.

Hank Arthur
Sep '17

Black stone!!!

salad salad
Sep '17

This forum makes my head hurt...if the OP wanted to MAKE his/her own salad they wouldn't be asking for suggestions.

HLamusesme HLamusesme
Sep '17

The Panther Pub, but everything in the Panther Pub us good !

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