Composting Garden through winter months

To all of you gardeners out there - this one's for you!

I can only half remember something I read about composting directly in your garden during the winter. I have some semi-decomposed compost that I thought would be great to throw on my garden beds and let it decompose now through winter. Autumn leaves can fall on top, and rain and then maybe cover it over winter with a tarp. I think there is also supposed to be a layer of newspaper in there too.
Is anybody familiar with this method?
Or maybe someone knows a better method? Would really like to get this started on the beds that are empty now...

Thanks for any advice!

I would let it continue to decompose over the winter and in spring combine it with some peat moss and vermiculite and use it as a potting medium. If you spread it in your beds any seeds that didn't "cook" enough are going to sprout in the spring and you'll have lots of extra weeds.

or you can get expert advise by contacting your local Master Gardeners that support your county.

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Re: Composting Garden through winter months
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