Police checking cars 9/13 AM

Leaving Panther Valley this morning police were checking cars, then when I went to get on rt 80 same thing. Noticed Flanders Drakestown Rd same thing....
Any idea what is going on or who they are looking for?

Inspection stickers

That sure seems like a waste of time and resources for police to hunt money....I mean look for inspection violations.

Nothing like a quick easy collar. The only thing easier is making low level pot busts. When I see activities like these, I assume all crimes are solved.

Thought it was a bit odd this morning but at least 'glad' to see they weren't just targeting PV residents and were doing it elsewhere.

I figured either inspection tickets or possibly seatbelt usage.

Some other states just give you a ticket if your lights are out and you can waive the fee if you go to the police station and show you've fixed it. Emissions cert is required at registration renewal.

Seems more efficient. The money they lose on the tickets they get back by not having to deploy officers to check the stickers.

Well I got nabbed once and pretty funny. Inspection guys said my ole truck no need inspection anymore. Gave me cards to get out of jail free and sent me on my way.

Turns out wrong year, wrong model......But I had the cards!. They did the inspection at the stop, no charge, and sent me on my way. Yippeee!

strangerdanger strangerdanger
September 13th

Targets the population that cannot afford to lease or buy a new car every 4 years. (obviously not seat belt use).
Those of you that are wealthier and have newer vehicles have nothing to fear.

There is no real inspection on nj

They were looking for housewives I had bad inspection they didn't care

Not the swiftest bunch, setting up as they did on the Route 80 (curved) on-ramp.

Reggie Voter Reggie Voter
September 13th

What does wealth have to do with a legal car? Just for example I've got little money and a old car, just passed inspection, nvr thought of breaking the law because of my wallet size.
BTW what is up with inspection stations? At my recent inspection they basically just drove it down the lane, hooked up the computer, thats it. Didn't check lights, breaks, etc.

Guy in front of me this morning got nabbed. He cut me off on bald eagle with his fancy new bmw. Haha sucker!

I've got lots of money!! Sorry for getting a good job and working hard Dodgeball!!!! Anyone interested in buying my 2015 ram 2500?? I've had it almost 2 years time for a new one..

They don't check lights and brakes like they used to. It's all emissions now, though I do think they still check the emergency brake.

I'm driving a 13 year old Toyota Corolla with 240,000 with a passed emissions sticker and have no problem. Not sure what wealth has to do with anything, some people don't want a car payment around their neck forever.

1999 Truck. You don't turn on your friends :>) Besides, she's a hard body with a pert little rear end that has never cornered better.

I mean..... (with apologies to Joss Whedon)

"But it ain't all buttons and charts, little albatross. You know what the first rule of" driving "is? Well, I suppose you do, since you already know what I'm about to say."

"I do. But I like to hear you say it."

"Love. You can learn all the math in the 'Verse, but you take a boat" on the road "that you don't love, she'll shake you off just as sure as the turning of the worlds. Love keeps her" on the road "when she oughta fall down, tells you she's hurtin' 'fore she keens. Makes her a home.

"Storm's getting worse."

"We'll pass through it soon enough."

Money has nothing to do with it.

strangerdanger strangerdanger
September 13th

How does a "fancy new BMW" get nabbed for a bad inspection sticker?

What a surprise
September 13th

It's all really just a money grab. They not only find vehicle violations--they find people with revoked licenses, no insurance, unregistered vehicles, not wearing seatbelts, talking on phones, cloud of pot smoke coming out the window, etc. All of those tickets and arrests ultimately mean money for the town/township. I was also told that they can get state aid, to run those checkpoints, but that may not always be the case.

Personally, I'd be a lot happier (AND safer) if they spent their time writing tickets to people driving slow in the left lane.

FutureBorrower FutureBorrower
September 13th

What would be nice is if they would set up speed traps in the AM to catch people speeding past the bus stops in PV instead of waiting outside to catch expired stickers.

PVhousewife PVhousewife
September 13th

they get monies for "click it or ticket " campaigns, use that as a premise.

In Byram ,my friend tells me they ride thru ShopRite looking at inspection stickers ..

I wish they would crack down on these bicycle riders. Riding two or three wide in the middle of the road and ignoring stop signs..

"they find people with revoked licenses, no insurance, unregistered vehicles..."

I'm okay with cops targeting people like this. These are ALL illegal, and the consequences of these people getting in accidents is ALL of our insurance premiums raising ever higher. Get it together or get the eff off the road.

I'm still scratching my head about how wealth equals newer cars that don't require inspections, but less wealth equals not being able to take your older car to the inspection station and get renewed???

"I'm okay with cops targeting people like this. These are ALL illegal"

According to the left, if you said this about illegal immigrants, you are a racist and fascist. Just saying.

I'm hoping Tracy meant illegal as in not having the proper credentials.

LJ, Tracy said "These are ALL illegal". Not THEY are ALL illegal.

Big difference between THESE and THEY...

Reading comprehension. Maybe I could have been clearer, but I didn't think I had to specify that I was referring to the ACTS of driving while revoked, uninsured, unregistered. I assumed the context inferred that. Thank you Bessie and positive for the clarification.

No not really positive. Illegal is illegal. That means it is not legal. That means it's against the law.

Yes, but it was obvious she wasn't referring to illegal aliens. The way I read her post..she was referring to illegal drivers.

I know she wasn't referring to immigrants. I was just making a point with the word illegal.

And what exactly was that point, LJRubi, other than to be provocative? One has nothing to do with the other, or the topic of conversation.

I think LJRubi is still pissed at the "fancy new BMW" that cut him off this morning on Bald Eagle.

Also, FYI: on 80 between 280 and exit 26 there were no less than seven speed traps just now. Both directions, people pulled over left and right. Watch your speed on that highway tonight.

Oh Tracy, I figured as much, I comprehended perfectly, just hoping that everyone else did, lol

So what is so hard to figure out - if you can afford to and do buy a new car every four years, you'll never have an expired inspection sticker.

Shaking our heads in unison,

The People

Reggie Voter Reggie Voter
September 14th

Inspection is free in NJ. If your car stops, you pass. My husband passed with his muffler falling off (came loose on the way there) and my car passed with a broken windshield. So money has little, if anything to do with it. If you don't have a valid inspection it's because you were to lazy to take your car or you didn't bother to pay attention. Try getting your car to pas in PA, they are a b****! You pay a small fortune for inspection & emissions. If your break pads are worn, you fail, small crack in the windshield, fail, warn wiper blades, fail.... just about anything will cause you to fail. Sad thing is, it is all up to the private mechanic you take your car to, so you don't even know if they are being honest or just trying to take your money. I will take NJ's inspection any day.

If your not breaking the laws you have nothing to worry about. Pretty easy concept taught to me when I was about 9.

CraftBeerBob CraftBeerBob
September 14th

+1 craft beer bob!

Inspection in NJ is not free, it's paid for by your registration. Inspection today is mostly just emissions and brakes which is why so many pass. But the police are responsible for the other safety issues. That's why you may get pulled over for checks like this.

Got rid of a 10 year old Jeep last year.
For inspection- I would get a big cup of coffee- drive up to Newton, pass EVERY TIME, drive home- mission complete.
Hey, let's give people an excuse for EVERY SOCIETAL RESPONSIBILITY, and write it off to income inequality or race .
Please step down from your soapboxes.

My pick-up is a 2002, my mini-van is a 2007, never had an issue with inspection. Of course, I take the time to actually take care of my vehicles.

If you don't follow the laws, you run the risk of being ticketed. If you don't like the laws, vote for someone who will change them. In the meantime, if you decide to practice civil disobedience, don't whine and bitch if you get a ticket.

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