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Today I had two different people come to my home. The first gentlemen was selling, carpet cleaning and when I told him I don't have carpet well how about you furniture we can clean that all so. I told him no, of course he went on with the sob story he is trying to make a living. It wasn't two hours later, another young man came to the door for sidling I told him no I didn't want it, if keep saying but your neighbors have it. I said finally I don't care what my neighbors have. Isn't there in ordinance in town to sell door to door. Just wondering

I don't know about Hackettstown, but many towns you just need to get a permit (pay a small fee) and it is allowed. They take the info of the person, car, plate #- in case something goes sideways- but basically pay to play.

Yes, they have a way to trace if the person is ripping people off off somehow or casing joints- but mostly just another excuse for the town to find a way to charge a fee.

What I get quite often is a bag in my driveway with a rock and a flyer inside- usually for lawn care, house painting, snow blowing... they just drive by and throw their trash out the window. Hence the rock.

Beware of Francospaving . This guy wanted to give me an estimate on paving my driveway (which doesn't need it) and I swear this very same con man Frank Gilk was at my house two years earlier with the selling meat out the back of a truck scam . Looked him up online and he's being sued by several people for shoddy work and jobs unfinished . Use common sense , good reputable contractors don't have to knock on doors and get most of their work on referral from satisfied customers !

Sep '17

Yes, a solicitors permit is required - the fee is $40.00

You can download the .pdf and have a look

When I worked in an office and got any kind of solicitor I would immediately ask for their permit and if they didn't have one (they never do) give them directions to town hall. Shuts them up in a hurry!!

trekster3~ trekster3~
Sep '17

The days of the door-to-door salesmen have long passed. Every time someone comes I also ask for their permit. I never had anyone come by with one. Then I call the police. You never know who is casing the house. With a number of break ins you just can't be caution enough.

Joe C. Joe C.
Sep '17

That guy came to my home yesterday too, SAAK. I was on the deck and heard the three doorbells barking like hell. I went around outside and saw him holding my screen door closed just in case! LOL My dogs never jump on the door just "greet" unfamiliar faces at the door with a serenade of who are you? (in dog speak). I listened to his pitch and when he asked if I had time for him to demonstrate how well his Kirby product could clean, I told him if he could get past the 3 Amigos inside the door to go for it. He declined.....

Greg my dogs, are the same they put there head out the front, but what set me back is I have a Great Dane the weighs 180 lbs, and this guy just put his hand out for her to smell it.He didn't even think twice about her, then I said oh no. I felt he was just checking things out. I know I shouldn't free this way but, when you have 180 pound dog charging at the door and you don't back up, what the hell are you up to.

SAAK, I don't think a dog charging at the door, no matter what the size, is assumed to be an act of aggression. My dog charges the door and she's mostly just barking. Most labs or retrievers are going to charge the door to lick someone to death. As a dog owner, I don't think I'd flinch seeing a Great Dane charging for the door. Do they really "charge" anyway? More like lumber. ;) It's pretty common knowledge to greet an unfamiliar dog by offering a hand to smell. A person that routinely goes door to door bothering people probably knows how to react to a dog.

Tracy Tracy
Sep '17

I'm glad to know that the permit is required. We haven't lived here long so I like to check out the forums to see what's going on. I have dogs who are socialized but trained to protect. They do not happily greet strangers unless I say it's ok. Luckily my dogs instinctively protect the littlest of my family and are protective of me more so now that I am pregnant. I have heard about a few of my elderly neighbors having people solicit them from time to time. Makes me nervous for them. It's true. You never know what is going on or what a person is thinking.

Sep '17

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