Corn Harvest

Can anyone resist the sweet corn vendors on Route 517 and Cat Swamp Road? Love to roast or grill peeled ears in oil and/or butter, then cut off the partially charred kernels, and possibly combine with spicy sauces. Great for all of you vegetarians out there.

Darn you DannyC.....

Folks, this is some great corn at one of the best prices around (until DannyC's post that is.......) Some things just should not be said :>) Perhaps this is one of them :<(

strangerdanger strangerdanger
September 12th

strangerdanger - Where are you talking about? And why so harsh?

He was just joking, I'm sure, Danny, about sharing his "secret" place for getting the best corn. ;-)

It is the absolute best!! I've purchased corn from various local sources and, to our taste buds, this corn is the very best.

Mrs. Pipes Mrs. Pipes
September 12th

Mrs. Pipes - Even if you just boil peeled ears in salted water and then slather with melted butter, this corn is fantastic, and like they say, sweet. Thank God, nature and the farmers for producing this treat for us. We are very fortunate.

best corn around, I believe they also have the same truck near Hampton Liquors on
Rt 31 in Hampton..

are they still there as of today?
know they are only going to be there until they run out .

Adair Moore Sattely Adair Moore Sattely
September 15th

Yup, just joking oh thin skinned one. Best corn, best price, what could be wrong here?

I blanche, put in ice water, remove the cob and freeze. Not perfect but still better than any other corn out of the freezer.

strangerdanger strangerdanger
September 15th

strangerdanger - I hear you, my friend. Doing it your way, if you do a lot of it, you'll have enough corn to last until next season, and ready to go as sweet corn kernels. Very nice. Please also consider some flavorful sauces, from honey and cinnamon based to garlic, onions, Worchester and hot sauce, plus anything else you can dream up.

strangerdanger - Ever made from scratch corn bread or corn muffins? Comes out best with the best corn.

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