Email (service provider recommendations)

Can you recommend the most secure free email service? Thanks!

A good day
Sep '17

Hi A good day. What are you thinking of by 'the most secure'? What are you afraid will happen?

I don't believe there is one, for two reasons off the top of my head.

1. email is not secure, it is not encrypted by default. if someone were to intercept an email it can be read.

2. most of the free services literally scan the contents of your email to then present you relevant ads, which is how they can be 'free'.

scottso scottso
Sep '17

That rather depends on your definition of "secure"--there is security from hackers, security from the US Government, security from foreign powers, etc. But that being said, Gmail, from Google, is generally considered to be the overall best free email service, when one considers all factors.

FutureBorrower FutureBorrower
Sep '17

You can use pretty much any email provider if you encrypt your email. That, however, is usually either not free or ridiculously difficult to coordinate.

There is one service, not sure about it as I haven't looked into it much, that claims it will do what you're looking for:

MikeGuida MikeGuida
Sep '17

ditto on proton

skippy skippy
Sep '17

Thanks. I am going to ask BT at work also. If I learn any thing I will share.

A good day
Sep '17

For the HL tech gurus. Any updates on this topic? Any provider less likely to track and sell info?


hktownie hktownie
1 week ago

If you are looking for free email that is secure, the pickings are thin. May want to check out for a list.

i use proton and have for about a year, its easy to use and they give you 500mb storage with a free account. i did have 2 different emails i sent fail because for whatever reason ( im thinking spammers using proton) the severs were blocking any mail sent from a proton address, had to use yahoo for those 2 emails.

i also use protons free vpn, very fast for free.

NJ wannabe NJ wannabe
1 week ago

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