Medicine stockpile for emergency

Is there a way to obtain sufficient personal medication reserves as part of prep for a castastrophe of some kind?
Does anyone know? I was going to ask CVS.

A good day
August 12th

I think if a catastrophe of that magnitude hits medication will be the least of your worries. If there is no mail delivery anymore, or no standing pharmacies in a drivable range, no phone service, and no emergency personnel to help then I would not worry about meds as you are not gong to be able to stock enough to last until the new world order comes through to help.

CVS can fill the scripts but you need a physician to write them - there are many docs who are prepers who after a consultation will write for a stockpile. I would at minimum seek training as an EMT so you have a grasp of both pharmaceutical administration and basic life support

If you're that concerned, you might want to check out

The guy and his wife are a physician and RN, respectively. They cover this topic and a lot more.

jjmonth4 jjmonth4
August 13th

Without trying to make this more complicated than it needs to be - maybe a good day was just asking about an additional month supply of their prescriptions just in case the doctor is on vacation, or something like Hurricane Sandy. "Doomsday preppers" may not have been on the agenda.

Most of the items suggested other than some antibiotics need no script at all.

But when it comes to your prescriptions, insurance companies give no more than 90 day supplies. If I could count the number of times my own meds changed, it's not a mystery why only 90 days. There's a good chance in 3 months the meds are going to be different anyway. Even if they're the same in a year, they expire by then anyway. My advice would just be to always get the 90 day supply. Besides, with my insurance anyway you get 3 months for the price of 2 months based on volume discounts. For me 3 months is a good amount to make sure I've got plenty without worrying about it.

True GC

Good advice GC but if you read the original post he stated catastrophe. I do not think a doctor on vacation qualifies. Even after a "Sandy" type storm things were accessible only days after the emergency not months. I also do the 90 day ordering and I believe that medications stockpiled for long periods of time may lose their effectiveness eventually. If you stockpiled medicine you would be in a forever rotation of using the oldest first and putting the new in it's place.

Re: Medicine stockpile for emergency

I rotate my supply. I have a year's worth of meds. Also have a super-well stocked medicine cabinet with the normal labeled categories (GI, cold/flu, pain, etc.)... and then these in the tippy top (which I did amuse myself labeling lol)... and because I have them none of us will ever need them, ok -- Murphy's law. ;-)

And I'm not a prepper... just prepared for certain things.

I personally can't imagine not having a large supply of meds on hand. Just depends on your preference/comfort level. Mind you I run out of things like milk and paper towels on a regular basis...

Thanks all. I am curious about availability of needed meds like warfarin. What can we do to be prepared. Maybe I should look at one of those websites.

A good day
August 13th

You can just speak to your doctor and tell him/her you'd like to have a reserve. There's nothing illegal about having a cache of meds (unless they are controlled substances). Note, though, that you will likely be paying out-of-pocket to purchase a reserve supply.

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