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I have so much random stuff to sell! Just curious if people think this site or Hackettstown Garage Sale site? Hoping for quick and easy! I have a short period of time. Thanks in advance for the advice!

I've sold stuff on both. Biggest problem I find with the HL site is lack of response when asking about or expressing interest in buying. Other than that, go for it! I also sell on the Garage Sale sites and do pretty good, a lot of rules but works great.

Bessie Bessie
Aug '17

Thank you!

The Facebook yard sales seem pretty active. Maybe try there.

Calico696 Calico696
Aug '17

Calico - I think the Facebook site is what SLD is referring to with "Hackettstown Garage Sale site". I don't think there is anything else that specific on its own.

I'd suggest trying *both* as well as Craigs List.

HL is real quick and easy to put up an ad, and the stuff there is about as random as you describe. ;-)

Facebook you have to have an account, you have to get one of the admins to add you, but then the audience is usually pretty interested.

Craigs List is an even bigger audience but it's not as good if it's just a whole bunch of misc. items. There are too many ads on Craigs List to look at them all. You rely on people doing searches, or you have to create ads in specific areas like "furniture" or "electronics" or "antiques", etc. If you have a few items that can be categorized like that, then Craigs List can bring in people from much further away then the other places.

Small items that can be shipped cheaply are good eBay targets. But the item value has to be high enough or the fees will get you.

Oh ok. Thanks for the clarification.

Calico696 Calico696
Aug '17

I typically sell items simultaneously on the various Facebook groups, Letgo, and Craigslist. At times I use this site but with the other places I reach a very large audience. The only issue for me is juggling the responses between the various sites. It gets confusing! LOL.
When I have an item that I know will generate a ton of "hits" I tend to limit how many places I advertise it at first. It just makes it a bit easier to streamline the process for me as it will generally go fast. My record by the way was literally less than two minutes from posting to sale....

Go to Swap 'n Shop WRNJ on the Internet and you can list any items you want to sell free of charge. They post this immediately and also announce this or yard/garage sales in the area every weekend on the Radio station.

Joyful Joyful
Aug '17

Thank you all so much!

I use Hackettstown life also because many folks do not belong to the facebook sites. So this is a easy place. BUT not on the FORUM, I list the items on classified and have had lots of luck. Problem is if listing individual you can only list 2 items. So better to list a bunch of things and prices next to them. Just my opinion.

carol carol
Aug '17

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