Mr. Mercedes

Anyone else catch the premiere on Audience network last night? I thought it was very well done and think that the television format will suit the scope of a SK novel much better than trying to condense an 800 page book into a 2 or 2-1/2 hour movie... looking forward to the next episode.

oh man, I missed it!!!!

pumpkin43 pumpkin43
August 10th

Wish I could, don't have that service. Hope its better than The Mist, what a bore, I quit it after 5 episodes.

Roywhite Roywhite
August 10th

I was never even a big fan of the novella The Mist... I certainly don't see any reason to drag THAT particular story out for 10 episodes.

Mr Mercedes on Audience is commercial-free (a very pleasant surprise) and uncensored. The Job Fair scene at the beginning was horrific in its brutality. So far, Brendan Gleeson (Braveheart, Gangs of New York) seems to be the perfect Bill Hodges.

Direct tv has that channel , Comcast doesn't . I really liked the Bill Hodges trilogy . Maybe after it ends I'll get the one week free of Direct TV Now on my Roku stick and binge watch it then cancel - if I can't find it online somewhere . I saw 11/22/63 on project free tv , but I don't think that works anymore . That kind of sucked anyway with James Stinko in the lead role and they changed so much it was barely the same story . Warren County Library has the11/22/63 dvd now if anyone is interested to see how Hulu ruined that book .

Actually the first two Mr. Mercedes episodes are free on it's website . I'll have to watch them tonight on the desktop when the Mets stink it up again .

Meant to catch it. Once we finish Ozark will have to check it out.

MeisterNJ MeisterNJ
August 10th

Re: Mr. Mercedes

Per Mr. King on FB:
( see photo)

Blackcat Blackcat
August 10th

Any word from SK on where you can go see The Dark Tower for free? (-;

Ha...I'm sure that question is in the comment section:).

Blackcat Blackcat
August 10th

I read every King book, except: Read the first 3 tower books, the rest where not for me, I have a life long friend who loves the tower series, really into them, longing for a motion pix, he was very disappointed in the new movie.
Looks like a wait for cable one for me. Anybody see it yet?

ianimal check out the Mist movie, one of the few King stories better on film than print, or tv for that matter.

Roywhite Roywhite
August 10th

The Dark Tower books went south for me too at the end of Wolves of the Calla(book 5) when King wrote himself into the story. I'll probably still go to see the movie (which bombed) at 5 dollah Tuesday Skidmark Stroud Maul . Netflix is making Gerald's Game and a naked Carla Gugino is always good to see !

roywhite, I've seen the movie (The Mist); I liked it. Tom Jane is a solid actor and there was a great ensemble cast as well. But my point was that there wasn't any real need to drag it on for 8 more hours, lol.

97XBAM, I agree with you that inserting himself into the Dark Tower story was somewhat pretentious and wasn't an overall positive development for the saga. I blame the woman who ran him over with her minivan; I think she scrambled his egg somewhat.

I'd still like to see the story told on-screen and preferably not with badly condensed movies. It's also important that it not be on "broadcast television"... they ruined "The Stand" with commercials and censors. That's another I'd like to see re-done right. I'd also like to see The Talisman and Black House in long-form... I'm not asking for much, lol.

The Dark Tower should have been an HBO series/miniseries . This movie merely looks like an attempt to make an action adventure movie . Now that Roland is black there can be no Odetta Holmes/Detta Walker conflict with Roland . No Eddie Dean interracial romance either . No Odetta/Detta/Susannah , Eddie Dean , or even Oy the billy bumbler . How they are even calling it Dark Tower is a mystery and since it's flopping badly there probably won't be another movie or a tv series. Eight million foreign box office gross is pathetic ! I agree about King not writing very good after the accident when the guy driving a minivan hit him (he's dead now). Cell and Lisey's story were smucking bad . He only started writing better with Duma Key and Colorado Kid .

Very good points that I hadn't even considered. From what I've read, the TV series is going forward regardless of box office success or lack thereof. It's also supposed to center on Eld "before the World moved on"... so the paradoxes you identify wouldn't necessarily be a stumbling block for that project... but for the overall saga, yeah, you're right on... they screwed the pooch.

One more episode left . Spot on casting of Holly Gibney , but IMO she made her entrance too late into the story which could have gotten along just fine without Bill's horny old neighbor . Just like Hulu's 11/22/63 could have done without the Bill Turcotte character . Watching on . No need to miss anything on pay tv sites as I also watch Star Trek Discovery on Solarmovie the day after it is aired on CBS , which wants viewers to pay for the CBS streaming site . No thanks , I already pay a king's ransom for cable and internet !

Mr. Mercedes has been renewed for a second season - OH YEAH ! With the successful movie It being given the green light for part 2 , Gerald's Game on Netflix , and Hulu's Castle Rock on the way next year it looks like the awful Dark Tower movie won't slow down the Stephen King express one iota .

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