Chicken sneezing and gurlgling

I have this chickens since they were eggs. one flock are 3 montgs second flock 2 months and my little ones are 1 month. I notice that couple of them started having these symptoms about 2 days ago. First it started with just the sneezing and today I noticed them gurlgling.
I mixed Garlic, ginger and onion in a blander and put in their water. What else can I do? I don't want to loose them. Please help!!
Pardon my English and thank you in advance

This is going to be tough.

I would suggest taking a look at BackyardChicken forum and see what has come up in their discussions under sneezing:

What kind of bedding do you have them on? Certain types can make them sneeze. I think cedar chips can do that, for example.

Feed them oregano like Perdue chicken does..

mix some apple cider vinegar in their water. about a tablespoon per gal of water.

Re: Chicken sneezing and gurlgling

Rebecka, there is cedar chips
And straw but then been with that since they are babies.thank you, I did search backyard chickens!
today I notice my baby silver is sick too :(

Thank you

I would immediately replace the cedar chips with sand and straw or hay, and make sure their coop is well ventilated. I'm not seeing any ventilation in the top of your coop? Is it not open at the top at all?

Separate any other birds that are not sick, sounds like you have a bug going through the flock. There are several antibiotics on the market to treat, just use with caution because many are not just for chickens. a good start would be ACV.

I agree with Rebecka, chickens need ventilation, their poop is generating ammonia fumes that need to air out. Are there flaps you can open at the top of the coop?

hktownie hktownie
August 10th

Get rid of the cedar ASAP and definitely ventilate your coop. Antibiotics are probably necessary at this point. Tractor supply sells them, just mix it with their water, at this point I would treat all of them. If you need help with your coop, I can help with ideas. I am away next week but after that I am around.

Jesse341 Jesse341
August 10th

Some birds get gape's tiny worm in their can pick up medicine to add to water and it clears up quick if that's what it is. Tractor supply likely sells it.

Gapeworm is rare in chickens. The cedar chips and probable lack of ventilation in the coop is likely the culprit.

Jesse341 Jesse341
August 10th

True there is no ventilation in the top. Will ask my husband to open one hole.
Tonight I'll leave the door a little open.
I did pick from tractor supply this 3 things , they did not have any antibiotics bc been discontinued, they did not know the reason why.
I left water that I made last night with garlic ginger and onion and I see them much better :)

VetRx is strong like Vicks.
Thank you so much to everyone

I'll keep my fingers Crossed

Re: Chicken sneezing and gurlgling

I'll keep my fingers crossed and hopping that all the love and this medicine help my babies!

Separate sick birds from healthy ones....
And definitely no cedar...

Bob Trinneer Bob Trinneer
August 14th

You will need more than one hole, especially before winter. If your coop does not have enough ventilation before winter your coop will be damp and your chickens will get frostbite from the moisture. It does not matter how cold your coop is, it matters how dry it is. You should not keep water in the coop in the winter either as that will put more moisture in your coop. Moisture equals frostbite.

Jesse341 Jesse341
August 14th

Looking for an update on your chickens. How are they doing?

Calico696 Calico696
August 23rd

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Re: Chicken sneezing and gurlgling
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