Archery lessons

Anyone know where you can go for archery lessons? thank you

pumpkin43 pumpkin43
Aug '17

Strictly Archery in Washington. They have some amazing archers there. Good guys, very helpful. Got some helpful lessons in the back of their store (small range set up).

Rebecka Rebecka
Aug '17

There is also an archery range on Lake Minsi Dr in Bangor PA. Could hang out there and try talking to some folks. Ray at strickly archery is also a great resource.

LJRubi LJRubi
Aug '17

Archery at the Glenn in Allentown is a great place for lessons. They have a indoor range and dedicated instructors.

Strictly Archery is a shop that will give you a lesson if you spend $1600 on a new bow set up. They know bows and have a loyal following but their customer service and prices suck! I live 10 minutes from there and I will never go there.

2 cents 2 cents
Aug '17

Heritage Guild in Branchburg, $35 for a two hour lesson.

ASfromBklyn ASfromBklyn
Aug '17

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