Rita's in Hackettstown Gift Cards

Just wanted to give customers a heads up that Rita's in Hackettstown is not accepting gift cards. The owner indicated his store needs to be updated and has been unable to take them for months.

Did he sell them?

JWolfe75 JWolfe75
August 9th

I got mine as a gift, so I'm not sure. He said he doesn't sell them.

Thanks for the news. I have one that I won at a tricky tray. I guess I'll have to use it somewhere else fast.

Wonder if the corporation knows that. Most franchises have to participate.

August 9th

I wrote an email to corporate today. The response said that Rita's would be forwarding my concerns to the owner, but I spoke with him about it last night.

I had the same issue at that location a few months ago. It doesn't seem right to me that a franchise is not accepting gift cards.

Mom of 1&1
August 9th

When we lived in Hackettstown, I was a frequent customer at the Hackettstown Rita's. I love their gelati's. We have since moved to Delaware and there is one right near us. We also go to one in PA that is near my daughter's house. Both of them are a dollar cheaper for a regular gelati. We buy 2 regular gelati's and save 2.00 every time. I wonder who sets the prices ??

Mariann Mariann
August 9th


I'm guessing that the franchise owners probably set the prices within a range based on the costs of materials from Rita's Corporate. Obviously if you're in a higher rent area (such as here in NJ, compared to much of PA) and where insurance and/or labor costs are higher you have to charge more to cover operating costs, as well as to cover for the rent, etc. when you're not actively open.

Since they don't carry other items that would sell heavily in the Winter Season in order to make it worth their while to be open then, they can't do what Dairy Queen did, which was to insist that all "Non-Brazier" locations be upgraded to offer food and seating so they could be open year-round, rather than letting the properties sit idle, which is actually quite a waste. That's why the Mine Hill/Ledgewood area DQ on Rt. 46E gained a 2nd story and they're now open year-round. I always used to wish that locale was open during the Winter since I'm up for ice cream year-round, but they always had the lot cordoned off

Last year I bought a gift card there which I subsequently used. They weren't offering them at first because their Credit/Debit card reader seemed to be having issues, but once that was fixed, everything was cool. It's likely there's an issue with it again.

If you have a gift card, you should take it to the Rita's on Rt. 206 in Flanders in the Shopping Center just South of Shop Rite (before the 7-11 & across from and before McDonald's). That's the closest one I know of and the card should be good at that or most other Rita's locations, including if you're over in PA and see one.

Phil D. Phil D.
August 9th

I can't stop laughing when I hear about people getting gelato at Rita's. I'm such and Italian food snob. ;-)

Calico696 Calico696
August 9th

The store was able to take debit cards but not gift cards. I always thought the two types of cards were processed the same way, but I guess not.

Calico, it's not gelato, it's a gelati (Italian ice with ice cream it it). Not even close to a good gelato !

Mariann Mariann
August 9th

My kids have gift cards they got for birthdays in March. Rita's has been telling me since March that their "machine is down, but should be up and running in two weeks". This is the longest 2 weeks I've ever seen. I don't believe they have any intention of ever acepting them.

I really hope they are not still selling them at that location.

for the prices they charge for flavored water, are they unable to fix their card reader machine? Credit and debit cards conveniently work. I'll take my business elsewhere.

Calico, have you tried Fannucci's in Netcong? I hear the gelato is the real deal there.

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