HDTV Antenna

Has anyone tried these HDVT Antenna's?

To eliminate the cable or dish cost - they have these 50 mile antenna's but think there is a Cable TV antenna in Port Murray old Storer Cable set-up...just wondering? Don't think they have to reach NYC.

Not sure if people realize that the Federal Government requires HD signals to be public so if have a good antenna you can get as many as you can pluck out of the air - legally.

Just wondering if any luck with them?


Go to tvfool.com enter your address and antenna height and you can find out what stations you can get

Phil Up Phil Up
Jul '17

We have a roof mount hdtv antenna and get stations from new york, new jersey and pennsylvania. Reception depends on weather and the trees on our property. Regardless of what some might say, it can NOT receive typical cable stations. But with the rotator, we always get reception and picture is always good!

Terry B Terry B
Jul '17

Looking for an update on this posting. There was a discussion on the radio the other day about a "box" of some sort similar to an iPad that attaches to the back of a tv. Several people said they were very happy with them! They had great reception! Has anyone tried this???

Not in Hackettstown...might work up on Schoolys mountain

Nov '19

Over the air tv is purely based on line of sight to a transmission point. Trees are not really an issue but large buildings and earth (if you live in a valley) can make it impossible. Haven't heard of this "box" thing but I'd you are looking for the traditional route go to tvfool or antennaweb as they can give you your best options. And as mentioned before you will not get cable channels only locals plus randomness.

Parent of 2 Parent of 2
Nov '19

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