Animals Talk on Christmas Eve....

Was this something my mom made up or is it from a religious belief, cultural heritage, tradition? She use to tell us our dogs could talk to one another while at my Gramma's on Christmas Eve at Midnight. Just wondering if any one else does this? Or was it just my mom being creative. :-)

Reggie Reggie
Dec '08

No, your mom didn't make it up. We grew up with that legend too :) I tried for years to stay up till midnight when I was a kid to hear my cats and dogs speak :) Even now, I listen for them to say something but usually they're asleep at midnight (the time when they speak in human voice) and are merely annoyed if I wake them up to try to get them to talk. Except for the parrot. He speaks in human voice all the time :) And most of the time makes sense.

Been trying to track that legend down.

'Thena 'Thena
Dec '08

My parents told us that also. She also said if we heard it we would become deaf. I had a very weird mother. LOL

Christine Christine
Dec '08

LOL, Christine... so that's how she got you to NOT stay up all night to listen to the animals speak :)

'Thena 'Thena
Dec '08

Sorry guys - never heard of this one. But when I was a kid, Santa liked my mom's chocolate chip cookies and a nice cold Budweiser on xmas eve, LOL. Now I think about all those years that Santa could have gotten a DUI driving that sled....funny

There was a Christmas Special on this. I cant remember the name of it. But the little boy was deaf and he could hear the animals only on Christmas Eve. The one animal was like the golden animal and he gave up his right to talk to people so that the little boy could hear again. I will have to look for the name of it

Just Asking Just Asking
Dec '08

My mom and dad told me that too! I tried every year to hear the dogs talk. I even stayed at the farm late one nite to see if my pony could do it too. lol I am not quite sure where it originated from? Merry Christmas to ALL!

Dec '08

There's a Little Golden Book that my mom read to us when we were little and she sent to my daughter. It's called "The Animals Christmas Eve" and it think it might be the same thing. I haven't read it in a LONG time, but maybe it's the same?

ImOnSaxton ImOnSaxton
Dec '08

Funny Jag, we always left Santa a beer on Christmas Eve (and some cookies)

Bessie Bessie
Dec '08

The subject of animals talking at midnight on Christmas Eve is passed down from a Norwegian belief and was told in a program of ''I Remember Mama'' years ago. There was PaPa, Kathryn, her big brother Nells, little sister Dagmar,and of course MaMa. The weekly program appeared on Friday nights back in the early 50's and the holiday segment was the story of the animals speaking in the barn at midnight.

Carrie Carrie
Dec '08

ImOn-I have the book The Animals Christmas Eve also. It's a lovely story as each of the animals in the stable, on Christmas Eve, retells of his or her contribution to Baby Jesus on the night of his birth: The donkey carried his mother, the sheep have his wool for a blanket warm, the dove cooed him to sleep with a lullaby, the cow gave him his manger for a bed. I'm sure there's more...

There's also an English carol called "The Friendly Beasts" which is the same idea. It's charming.

Dec '08

Carrie: Thank you for bringing up "I Remember Mama." What lessons I learned from that show. I loved when they would all put the money each one had earned on the table and then decided where they needed to spend it. It was always a family decision and they were guided by Mama. What a wonderful show. We could use it today.

I loved the video called Annabelle's Wish that my daughter and I watched when she was 2, it was one of her favorites! The movie was narrated by Randy Travis. Tonight I stayed up to watch my 2 puppies talk BUT it didn't happen:( oh well, maybe next yr:)
Toni age 51

Toni, What a beautiful picture! Merry Christmas!

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