Dog Roaming - Allamuchy State Park/Waterloo Road

This morning, I saw a dog crossing Waterloo Road from a section of Allamuchy State Park into a wooded area of Waterloo Village. I stopped but was unable to get the dog.

He/she is about 30 pounds, deep rust color, possibly a pug type mix. I did not notice if it was wearing a collar. He looked like he was in good shape. Someone may have lost him over the weekend while hiking the trails.

There is not much out there besides woods, hiking trails, the Boy Scout Camp, and Waterloo Village. Please spread the word in case anyone is missing their dog.

I called Allamuchy Township Animal Control, Byram Township Animal Control, Waterloo Village, and Allamuchy State Park.

hickory dog hickory dog
Jul '17

Hope his owner finds him.

Nature Lover Nature Lover
Jul '17

Hello Hickory Dog,

Is it possible that you saw Cooper?

Greg L Greg L
Jul '17

From what the owner says in the thread with a link to this posting it doesn't seem likely as her guy's a shepherd mix that's about 50 lbs.

BUT, if hickory dog checks out the pic you never know. Quick glances don't always leave an exact impression. Seeing the pic on the link may allow them to tell for sure.

Phil D. Phil D.
Jul '17

Greg, no, the dog I saw did not look like Cooper. Thanks for trying.

hickory dog hickory dog
Jul '17

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