Hackettstown Airport

I heard today that when President Trump is in Bedminster no flights are allowed in a 30-mile radius. I was just curious if this affects Hackettstown airport (N05) in Mansfield. Any pilots or friends of pilots know of any restrictions?

If so, I'd like to call or write to either Mr. Gottheimer or President Trump, who I've volunteered for and donated money to, and let either of them know how damaging that is to local pilots.

1988LJ 1988LJ
Jul '17

No different than any other time a President visits

Jul '17

I did hear at work that it is now a 10 mile radius. Not sure if that true though.

Happycamper Happycamper
Jul '17

has completely stopped glider flying out of Blairstown whenever he's around

4catmom 4catmom
Jul '17

The FAA issues a VIP TFR (Temporary Flight Restriction) every time Trump is in Bedminster. The TFP extends out 30 miles from Bedminster. Here is a notice posted by the local airport for this past weekend. http://somersetairport.com/uncategorized/1391/

I notice is because my drone refuses to fly while we are in the Bedminster NFZ (No Fly Zone).

Although the Bedminster TFR is no longer on the site you can see the list of current TFRs at tfr.faa.gov. Click a TFR to see the details.

What kind of drone do you have that won't fly, RAD?

Rebecka Rebecka
Jul '17

How does the VIP TFR affect Newark Liberty, which is within 30 miles?

3wbdwnj 3wbdwnj
Jul '17

Speaking of... did anyone see them? They were so loud. Our house shook in mt olive


Commercial airlines have exemptions because of their security procedures, transponders, and filed flight plans.

Mark Mc. Mark Mc.
Jul '17

Rebecka: I have a DJI Mavic Pro. It, and other current DJI models, have software that prevents them from flying in No Fly Zones Now there are exceptions and ways to get around it but right now I just leave it on the ground if it says I'm in an NFZ. Things will be a little different when I have my remote pilot certification.

Drone pilots are counted in that, which is

RAD: I have the same one, and an older phantom 3. I actually accidentally flew within the NFZ (I didn't know Trump was around). The temporary NFZs don't make it into the app (Or at least not all the time in time for flying).

The older phantom has no restrictions I've ever encountered.

alpha1beta alpha1beta
Jul '17

=>alpha1beta - Yes, my even older Phantom 2 Vision+ will always fly - I'm not going to ever update that firmware!. I've heard that the issue with the Mavic Pro either not recognizing the NFZ or sometimes holding on to the NFZ after it has expired is related to whether or not it gets connected to the internet when turned on. Supposedly the procedure is for the NFZ database to update from the network after GPS has enough satellites to accurately determine position. Haven't really investigated that so I'm not sure if that is true or not. I do see mine working the way it is supposed to - no-fly while the TFR is in effect and then flying when it expires.

Or, if you are running older versions of the firmware then the NFZ firmware is behaving differently. I think the .600 and up firmware strengthened the NFZ. Up until a few weeks ago you could still downgrade to .400 but DJI recently removed the older versions of the firmware. My DJI Assistant now shows that I'm running .900 and the only other option is to downgrade to .800.

Hm... wondering if mine will get off the ground. (Phantom 3 Pro about a year old.) I haven't updated any software/firmware. Maybe I'll give it a try... but won't take it higher than 3' in the NFZ. ;-)

Rebecka Rebecka
Jul '17

You can get ready for another FAA TFR setting up a big No Fly Zone in NJ.


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