Need Suggestions: Growing trumpet vine on Metal pergola

Need Suggestions: Growing trumpet vine on Metal pergola

Hello out there. I'm looking for suggestions on how to grow my orange trumpet vine on my metal black pergola. I was thinking of some sort of chicken wire or vinyl netting because I don't want to burn the leaves on the black metal pergola legs and supports. And maybe it won't bother them I don't know, that's why I'm asking. Any thoughts you might have out there of people who have done such a thing would be great. I want access to clean the twiglets off before winter and keep it contained and neat. My pergola consist of four sturdy legs and 7 top support beams on the framing. I included a picture of the type of pergola i will be using(not my actual pergola). I was thinking about putting a strip of netting across each of the seven support beams to Trail The Vines back and forth and still have access to trim and clean the branches. I don't know if this would work but if anybody has suggestions or has done this before on a pergola with trumpet vines or Wisteria or any of the super fast growing vines that need constant trimming let me know. Please don't tell me how invasive orange trumpet vine is I already know, I've researched it, and I planted it already months ago, so my decision is made. :) Also if you've grown trumpet vines on any other type of pole system give me what you did so maybe I can incorporate your ideas into my project. I noticed years ago that there is a house on Willow Grove on the right just before the hospital that has an orange trumpet vine on a pole with supports on top and it grows up like a tree shape every year . It's gorgeous and amazing to look at...and easy to trim . Kudos to that person. Any ideas or thoughts or suggestions will be extremely helpful. Thanks for your tips and time.

Pasta Grill (used to be Pan e vino) has a great one. Ask them.

Make sure you grow that far from your house foundation and other people's properties. Basically there root system is super destructive travels endlessly after a few years.

Forcefed4door Forcefed4door
Jul '17

There are probably more people trying to get rid of one than grow one. It shouldn't take anything special at all. Not even fertilizer or water. It's not going to burn because of metal.

To try to keep it from damaging anything else, you're supposed to have it in a large bucket or other container. Then sink the container in the ground keeping the sides just above ground level. If there are any trees around, have them cut first so there are no branches where the vine can get. You risk your tree if that happens. A trumpet vine rivals bittersweet for the level of strangulation it can accomplish.

Tons of hummingbirds will visit as you probably know. Beautiful

gardens gardens
Jul '17

I'm definitely going to dig it up and do the bucket planting..Thanks for that tip!

When you dig it be sure to get all the roots.

Indie Indie
Jul '17

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