American Gods

Anyone else watching this show; what do you think of it?

Watched 2. No more. No real plot thAt I saw so I'm prob done with it.

Roywhite Roywhite
May '17

I only saw the first episode. I was curious where it will lead to.

Mansfield mama Mansfield mama
May '17

Didn't care for it . In fact the only Starz show I really liked was the pirate drama Black Sails that had a series finale no one would have predicted . Found the comedy below on Netflix and I'm not a fan of zombie movies or tv shows , but this was really funny !

Zombo Zombo
May '17

It's a fantastic show that is, as far as I remember, quite faithful to the book. I'd highly recommend that as well, if you've enjoyed the show so far. It's by Neil Gaiman and for the 10th anniversary the publisher released an Author's Preferred Edition, with an additional 10/20k words (I forget which, but it's like an extra 40 pages!).

It is a bit graphic but that's nothing new. The casting has been quite well done, especially with the main character, Shadow Moon. Just you wait. ;)

Heather Heather
May '17

Morgan Freeman has an excellent series "In Search of God"

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