Transformers behind Old Farm Village

Does anyone know if those are large power transformers behind Old Farm Village near Green Acres? I was looking to rent there and some of the units are right next to it. Any idea what they are for? Is it dangerous?

NatureGirl NatureGirl
May '17

Probably for electricity for old farm village

May '17

Is it dangerous to our health?

Naturegirl Naturegirl
May '17

My first thought was "Megatron or Optimus Prime?"

Sorry, I have no idea about the equipment you are referring to. Perhaps give GPU Energy a call.

Here's the ownership info:

As far as being dangerous, well, personally I doubt it. We have power lines all over the place and there have been many studies as to the hazards. If I recall correctly, there are still some concerns but I'm not sure any of them have ever been substantiated.

justintime justintime
May '17

It's probably a power sub station for panther valley

May '17

Might be a tin foil hat thing, but I am a believer that there is a danger with transformers that can cause cancers especially in children causing leukemia and brain cancer. It's the increased electrical magnetic fields surrounding them.

Power companies have very good lobbies on this and have been squashing studies for decades.

I haven't looked in awhile but here's an article about high-voltage power lines.

If I remember correctly, my research showed that the HVPL's really are not that much of a concern. However, where electrical transformation occurs, like transformers, whether in a single box that I think you be talking about, the cans on the pole, or that yuge pile of them right next to HPD's office will be the killers. The more the merrier, the bigger the better. But even hair dryers and electric razors can be suspect. Electric blankets too.

So here's the deal --- EMF surges when you 'transform" electricity. Therefore, power coming down the line ain't that bad, not that much transformation. But when you "transform" it like running your hair dryer, more EMF is thrown off. Huge transformers, generators, turbines, engines, really put it out.

The second point --- proximity is key. So an electric razor may not put off tons of EMF, but holding it next to your cranium is not good. Also, the EMF fall-off is tremendous. Only need to step back a bit to be safe. Hair dryer held x inches away, not as bad. So stand back when you blow dry those kids. So transformers next to your house --- not good. A few houses away, probably not so bad. Living near the high wires ---- not too bad at all, hard to get too close.

The third point --- if I am right and EMF not good, the danger is much more significant for kids than adults. Too late --- can't damage us old folk fast enough....Ain't no growth cells to destroy...

So a few decades back, while in my gauge phase, I got my EMF reader and measured the house. Mom was right --- at least 4 feet from the tv please. And guess what --- it's safer in front than behind. Think about that all you cube workers EMF-ing the neighbor behind your pc screen :>)

I could sense the cans on the poles but too far from house to be worried. I have power coming to the house at the corner of one of the kid's bed rooms. Sure enough, there was EMF in the bed room but only if the kid smooshed into the culprit corner of the room. I mean really squeezed in there. So I went with safe.

Bottom line: I would not live close to a transformer period. And even farther away yet from a group of them. Or just drop the $50 and get an EMF gauge and test. And more important for your young kids to try to avoid.

strangerdanger strangerdanger
May '17

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